30 Dec 2020

Cloud Trends that will Stand Out in 2021

Cloud technologies, which form the basis of the world economy beyond remote workforce and global supply chains, particularly with the pandemic, will continue to be an important target for companies that aim for more scalable, business continuity and cost advantages in 2021. Stating that the digital modernization which has gained momentum with the recent obligations will rapidly continue throughout 2021, IT experts say that Cloud will constitute the basis for companies that require more agility, and Cloud technologies will play a key role for companies, considering the improved accessibility, scalability and flexibility advantages. According to the research conducted by Cisco, 94% of the global workloads are expected to proceed through data centers.

Having started to take up a great place in our lives with technological developments and digital transformation, Cloud derives its power from software and hardware virtualization technology and its service-oriented easily manageable architecture. Cloud, which is under the close surveillance of small-scale companies as well as global-scale companies with multiple offices in its current state, is expected to continue to be the key element of success in 2021.

Here are Gartner’s predictions and prominent trends for Cloud technologies for 2021;

  • Global Public Cloud Market will Reach $120 Billion

Cloud, which has an ordinary growth rate, is expected to exhibit an aggressive growth trend due to the pandemic and reach $120 billion with an increase of 35%. According to the report shared by Gartner, the use of SaaS continues to dominate the majority in the market, while the market share is expected to reach $117.8 billion with an increase of 16%. Meanwhile, with the widespread use of the remote working model, the trend towards Cloud-based applications is expected to increase the use of PaaS by 26.6%, reaching $55.5 billion. Another forecast is that the IaaS spending will increase by 26.9%, reaching $65.3 billion.

  • Orchestration and Automation will Gain SpeedTelehouse Blog Colocation is a Must for a Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy 300x204 Cloud Trends that will Stand Out in 2021

As the management of interconnected services across applications and services becomes more complex in terms of quantity and quality, work on the automation and optimization of cloud platforms will continue to accelerate.

  • Cloud, Big Data and IoT To Come Together More

Especially with the acceleration of the efforts on automation, Cloud, Big Data and IoT will come together more and more in 2021. Given the importance of data for all companies, utilizing the cloud infrastructure and IoT opportunities for storing and effectively managing data can be considered as an inevitable outcome.

  • The Number of Companies with a Disaster Recovery Plan will Increase

The acceleration of digitalization brings along many advantages as well as disadvantages. In other words, the tough competition environment causes increasing downtime periods to lead to more costly consequences for companies every day. On the other hand, strict international and national laws and regulations for data storage and protection will cause more companies to prefer Cloud-based Disaster Recovery service.

As a result, the use of cloud computing solutions, which, in addition to being simple and scalable, offer advantages such as seamlessness, flexibility and cost savings, will continue its rising trend in 2021. However, a strong data center infrastructure is a must to be able to get the most out of Cloud.  In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center provides companies with uninterrupted business continuity through cloud services enabled by collaborations with global solution partners. This makes it possible for you to access your most important data anytime and anywhere without any interruption.

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14 Dec 2020

The Key to a Correct Cloud Strategy; Telehouse Istanbul

Cloud technologies bring a dynamic structure to a company’s IT infrastructure, therefore reducing operational and capital costs, which means an alternative source of power in terms of developing and launching new products and services in order to cater to changing market needs. This naturally creates a gradually increasing interest in cloud technologies. According to IDC’s latest research, 67% of all corporate infrastructures are expected to become cloud-based by 2021.

Changing IT needs due to recent digital transformation, coupled with new IT infrastructure technologies, compel corporations to use cloud and data center services, and in their efforts to cater to self or client requirements for uninterrupted, secure and fully compatible operation, corporations are forced to work with professional service providers.

Why Should You Prefer Telehouse Istanbul to Increase Your Cloud Strategy Performance?

Telehouse Istanbul Data Center provides data center, cloud and corporate internet services for secure and interrupted operation in all of your infrastructure. Transforming your business processes into smart processes using cloud and data center services backed by highly reliable references, Telehouse Istanbul produces perfectly suited solutions for your company through professional and modern services.

What sets Telehouse Istanbul apart in terms of achieving high performance from your cloud strategy

  • Cutting edge cloud servers

If you want to acquire high performance from your corporate cloud strategy, you pay attention to whether the data center, which you are considering to work with, utilizes hardware that is at global standards and employs the latest technologies in the field. Because in cloud services, details such as server brand or warranty period will determine the quality of the service you’ll get, which will consequently define the

Telehouse blog The Key to a Correct Cloud Strategy 300x216 The Key to a Correct Cloud Strategy; Telehouse Istanbul

success of your company’s cloud strategy.

Telehouse İstanbul Data Center closely monitors innovations in data center and cloud solutions areas, and the Center’s HP Blade Server and 3Par Storage hardware infrastructure is constantly improved based on latest available technologies. It offers professional, reliable and uninterrupted Data Center and Cloud services thanks to its experienced engineers with Microsoft SPLA and VMware DCV (Professional – Data Center Virtualization) certifications and its Cisco, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and Veeam Cloud Provider partnerships. With its Carrier Neutral infrastructure, Telehouse Istanbul Data Center takes these highly qualified system features to a corporate level through its fiber optic and dark fiber connections.

  • Cloud Backup Service

Backing up is critically important to protect applications and data stored in data centers. In short, data center service means storing your files in an external source, thanks to which any case where your data accidentally becomes unavailable will not pose a problem since you can access your externally stored backup in a very short amount of time. This gets cloud backup services into the list of criteria which you need to take note of when selecting your data center. At Telehouse Istanbul, your Cloud Backup data goes through daily encryption. Your hosts can be backed up daily, weekly or monthly according to your preference.

  • High Uptime Rate

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul 300x200 The Key to a Correct Cloud Strategy; Telehouse IstanbulUptime rate is a feature which enables your commercial applications to work as expected and without interruption. A company being live at 24/7 is the fundamental milestone on the way to reaching optimal efficiency and other commercial targets. This is because Internet users can visit your website at every part of the day, for your products and/or services. A damage to brand reputation and business income may be unavoidable in case of any access problems. Hence “Uptime Rate” is an important factor to consider when deciding for a data center service, and it may well be a reason for preference. The higher the uptime rate of a data center is, the higher quality the service your company will receive from them. Teknotel produces the right solutions for your IT infrastructure which needs to work uninterruptedly and securely, offering professional data center services, and supports the smooth operation of your company with at Tier3+ level with 99.999% uptime guaranteed.

  • Quick Service Upgrades and “Remote Hands”

It is important for the continuity of your operational processes that the data center, which you decide to host your infrastructure on, works with technological hardware and expertise which can fully cater to your business requirements, so that your corporate cloud strategy can progress as planned. Thanks to “Remote Hands”, a professional-level data center service, you can quickly create and engage any new functions you need, without needing any person from your IT team to be physically present at the data center. The fact that “Remote Hands” teams consist of expert engineers familiar to all data center functions is a plus which guarantees high performance in your outsourced services.


Telehouse Istanbul, as a cloud and data center services provider, produces the right solutions for retail businesses, which have an inherent requirement to be at service at all times. Tools which perform distribution, procurement and sales operations and aim to learn client behavior, work on Teknotel’s cloud platform in order to create an uninterrupted experience for customers. In line with its tradition of offering high-quality and professional services at global standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center is the ultimate source of business continuity and uninterrupted operation, which is only backed with highly reliable references.

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10 Dec 2020

Re-Evaluate Your Disaster Recovery Plan!

Data is becoming more important than ever. Experts predict that data will change the very nature of many economic activities. Data is being used in many commercial areas from demand forecasting to marketing, which makes is crucially important to securely store it. Because any cases of data loss may lead to a consequent loss of income, reputation, productivity or even a client.

It is almost impossible to predict when a catastrophe will happen, or the extent of the damage it will create. On the other hand, the measures you take against such events or your company’s approach to them is entirely in your hands. Hence, maybe you should prioritize creating a new Disaster Recovery Plan or review it if you have one.

First of all, you should know that a Disaster Recovery Plan might not work for every company. While creating a DR Plan for your company, you need to take into account many factors such as protection of your systems, data and personnel, together with the continuity of your business systems. Whether you have decided to create a viable Disaster Recovery Plan that is also in line with your needs, or review your existing plan, here are the factors you will need to pay attention to…

1- Documentation for Your DR Plan

It is crucially important to define and document in a Disaster Recovery Plan the personnel, who will play active roles, and their duties, so that in case of an emergency senior management or relevant departments know the exact course of actions they have to follow. A good DR strategy plan should encompass many details such as your objectives, tactics and emergency phone numbers, together with the persons assigned to manage the process and their roles, responsibilities, etc. In addition, you should rigorously prioritize your applications and hardware, and include the communication details of persons who can provide you with technical support for each application and hardware. Hence you can minimize or completely eliminate any setbacks which might occur during the management of an emergency.

2- Risk Evaluation and Business Impact Analysis

The most successful strategies in the business world start with “risk evaluation”. This is the same for a Disaster Recovery Plan. In cloud computing, the first step to an effective Disaster Recovery Plan is to evaluate your company’s infrastructure and specify possible threats and risk factors. Risk evaluation will help you determine the security vulnerabilities of your current IT infrastructure and significance levels of the functions and components of your business. In addition, you will be able to predict the extent of possible impact on your business and specify remedies beforehand.Telehouse Blog Re Evaluate Your Disaster Recovery Plan 1 300x300 Re Evaluate Your Disaster Recovery Plan!

On the other hand, you can use these predictions to calculate your financial and non-financial costs related to Disaster Recovery, and your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Object) values. RTO indicates the time needed to re-engage the system in case of a possible disaster. RPO indicates acceptable data loss. In today’s business world, understanding RTO and RPO, which carry great importance specifically for corporate companies, will help you decide which data and applications to protect, how many resources you need to invest in to have an effective DR plan and which DR strategies that you need to implement.

3- Drill Management and Updating Your DR Plan

An Effective DR (Disaster Recovery) Strategy needs regular and periodical drills in order to ensure that every process and system work as expected. In order to have a successful Disaster Recovery Plan, you need to make sure that this plan will really work when the worst happens.

4- Be Prepared Against Various Disaster Levels

There are many types and levels of disasters. Companies which fail to take required measures and plan ahead are likely to experience longer shortages and suffer more loss, regardless of the level of disaster. A good DR Planning must encompass different response levels of different levels of disasters and emergencies. A right team of people and an accurate strategy must be specified for every level of planning.

5- Define Your Priorities

Disaster Recovery is among the IT expenses which companies hope to never resort to harvest. Therefore it is important to improve your abilities of flexibility into a guiding element in your IT infrastructure. Forming a flexible infrastructure is a combination of good practices and technologies which support your business and minimize your risk. At this level, the best choice is the Cloud-based, New Generation Disaster Recovery Solution. With this solution

  • You won’t be needing a second physical storage area, therefore cutting down on costs for additional hardware and software
  • You can easily scale your business in line with your current business demands
  • You will be able to back up your data and carry out other management processes whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • You will have the chance to store your data in more than one medium and thus minimize your risk of failure following a disaster.

At this point, Teknotel Telekom can help you with professional Data Center services. Teknotel produces the right solution for all institutions that need to work uninterruptedly and securely, offering them a professional Disaster Recovery service. In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center makes business processes smart while providing companies with uninterrupted business continuity through the Cloud Services that are based on highly reliable references.

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02 Dec 2020

Security Paradox in Cloud Computing: Less Trust Leading to More Security

Cloud technologies have recently been on a rapid widespread and enjoying increased awareness due to advantages such as high speeds, productivity and low costs, but questions about security have also been on the rise. However, security in this context mean much more than cyber security. Security is even ahead of the of confidentiality and compatibility, the remaining factors of this trio.

In order to make the most use of cloud technologies, which enable much faster and practical operational activities, this “security trio” must be supported well and in full coordination.

Apart from personal data, it is also wise to question the matters of security when uploading company data and applications to a cloud. Cloud is a high-security system, but we also need to take account of the fact that the biggest security vulnerabilities in cloud come from security breaches at the end-user level. According to a research by Gartner, 95% of the security problems which occurred in 2020 were due to errors caused by end users. This indicates that working with professional service providers and implementing strict security in “cloud usage” are key factors in order to acquire sustainable benefits from cloud technologies.

How You Can Create a More Secure Cloud Usage

  • You Need To Increase Personnel Expertise on Cloud Usage

    Telehouse Blog Security Paradox in Cloud Informatics Less Trust Leading to More Security 2 Security Paradox in Cloud Computing: Less Trust Leading to More Security

The fundamental requirement for a safer cloud usage is to improve the expertise of your personnel in areas such as security, confidentiality, compatibility and cloud management. They need to become proficient in

many aspects of cloud use such as what precautions to take in order to preserve the security of corporate and personal information, how to actively utilize the security systems of the devices being used and sensitive information. Each personnel in your company must be properly equipped to deal with any security breach


  • Closely Monitor Your Services with High Accessibility

You need to monitor your company’s data and applications against unexpected events, and conduct required analyses through continuous monitoring. At this point, the relationship between the security strategies of your professional cloud service provider and your company is crucial. In this way, expert personnel with an authorization which spans 24/7 can monitor your corporate data without any restrictions of location, and intervene as needed at the right time.

  • Prioritize Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage

Information stored at cloud is more accessible, easier to recover and generally more secure compared to traditional storage methods. In addition, a cloud service provider’s data backup and restore protocols are carried out at a more professional level. Besides, cloud services inherently carry the advantages of short recovery times after unexpected events such as natural disasters, therefore minimizing or simply eliminating your losses due to data loss.

  • Reinforce Your Cloud Infrastructure with Professional Data Security Services

Telehouse Blog Security Paradox in Cloud Informatics Less Trust Leading to More Security 3 Security Paradox in Cloud Computing: Less Trust Leading to More SecurityIncreasing data volume leads to more complex processes and you can have a safer cloud with professional security solutions. Besides the network infrastructure of your company, you also need to protect your applications and data against possible attacks and for this, you can use SSL VPN, IPS and DDoS protection services, followed by a primary protection measure of a Firewall.

  • Compliance with GDPR and Relevant Legislation

An increased sensitivity at global level for data security and protection of personal data, together with legal control, led to the requirement of working in conditions compliant to data protection regulations, such as GDPR, for companies. At this point, preferring data centers with additional accreditation for legal compliance will gain significant advantages for your company in terms of business strategy and secure cloud usage.

However, do not forget that the first step to making your system components secure is not taking your present infrastructure components for granted. In other words, continuously questioning the security of your infrastructure will always keep you vigilant to act, and ready to update and increase your security measures.

At this point, Teknotel Telekom can help you with professional Data Center services.

Among the most important services provided in Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, Teknotel security systems are designed to minimize any losses at network infrastructure for corporate companies of any scale. As in all of its services, Teknotel Telehouse Istanbul Data Center partners with globally recognized, first-choice brands in its Security Services; preventing DDoS attacks using VOXILITY, FORTINET and VERISIGN DDoS Security Systems, while getting ahead of any data loss with Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services, therefore guaranteeing your work continuity.

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16 Nov 2020

The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

Digital transformation, which was on the agenda of companies for a while, took its place at the heart of business life with the Covid-19 pandemic. The quarantine measures that have been implemented for a long time have not caused changes only in people’s consumption and working patterns. It also led to extensive transformations in companies’ way of doing business, priorities and so usage level of data center.

While the physical world is in a rapid digitalization period, a great number of concepts for automation, data archiving, and security like the “remote working model” gained importance. On the other hand, remote access, communication, performance, continuity, and video/teleconference systems become the primary agenda items of companies. And this highlighted the importance of cloud technologies and data centers once again.

“The Demand for Automation and Remote Management Systems in Data Centers Increased”

Last July, Uptime Institute researched the impacts of the Covid-19 on data centers with the participation of more than 300 data centers. According to this research, 94% of the participants stated that they expanded their measures in case of another possible pandemic and improved their business continuity measures and plans. Companies started to involve remote management systems like “remote hands” into their business strategies more to manage their data center services especially for the sake of business continuity and availability. While 90% of the participants stated that they would increase their automation and remote management usage in the data centers, 73% explained that they would speed up the automation processes in their facilities. On the other hand, 54% of the participants stated that they expected an increase in the number of investments of the data centers made in automation and monitoring systems compared to the previous periods.Teknotel Blog The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic 1 269x300 The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

The applicability of traditional back-up and disaster recovery methods used for data and infrastructure continuity in companies is gradually being replaced by cloud services after the pandemic. While there are numerous reasons behind this development, we can summarize the primary ones as business continuity, managerial convenience, security, and cost-saving to be achieved with scaling.

“Shift to Cloud and Data Center Services Gained Speed with the Pandemic”

In the Gartner Report published right before the pandemic, it is stated that the cloud computing and data center investments will be more than 300 billion dollars by the end of 2021, and SaaS investments will have a great share in these investments. Another projection from the same report is that SaaS investments, which almost reached 75 billion dollars in 2018, will be around 115 billion dollars by the end of 2021. However, in the new order established after the pandemic, it is considered that the demand for SaaS solutions to support new business models mainly like remote working will be greater than expected.

In conclusion, our personal and corporate lives are undergoing a significant transformation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The acceleration of digitalization made such matters as cybersecurity and communication network bandwidth more critical. Especially companies felt the need to review their priorities and update their action plans. With the implementation of new systems based on remote working in a broader sense, companies’ needs for data center services increased, and their shift to cloud systems gained speed.

Telehouse Istanbul Data Center by Teknotel guarantees a fully redundant and 99.99% uptime and meets the needs of all organizations and institutions operating in the healthcare industry with its world-class, high-quality, and professional services. Telehouse Istanbul ensures business continuity and availability with its services provided in cooperation with global solution partners while its solution partner, Veeam, prevents data loss by promptly responding to the problems met.

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09 Nov 2020

Choosing A Data Center In E-Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

One of the primary aspects to be considered by companies operating in online commerce is the Personal Data Protection Law. E-commerce websites collect such information as personal, address, credit card, and contact information from their customers to analyze that information via artificial intelligence and big data tools and use it in their marketing and advertising activities to shape them according to consumer behavior. On the other hand, since the increase in the number of people that e-commerce companies provide services to means that the amount of personal information and data the companies maintain will also increase, being sensitive about the PDPL and data center will be essential steps.

Since e-commerce websites need to pay millions of TL as compensation penalties for data that is not processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, these websites tend to increase their Cloud Computing and Data Center investments for their PDPL liabilities. So, what are the points to be considered by e-commerce companies that want to store the data they collect in accordance with the PDPL while choosing a data center and cloud service provider?

  • A Solid Infrastructure

A solid infrastructure is the first thing to be conside

Telehouse Blog Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law 1 300x260 Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

red while choosing a data center. International TIER Standards can be seen as an important indicator at this point. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center of Teknotel has the data center assurance designed pursuant to the Tier 3+ standard and guarantees a 99.99% uptime. It also provides a reliable and professional service with its redundant electric, energy, and cooling infrastructure.

  • Security

In accordance with the PDPL, high amounts of administrative penalties are imposed on e-commerce companies if they do not fulfill their data security liabilities. Companies doing business in online commerce need to ensure that the data center they choose has the necessary certification and competencies against both physical and cyber-attacks and damages. Telehouse Istanbul has the security measures for fully-equipped electric security, air conditioning, and fire prevention on top of its Firewall and DDOS (attack prevention) certificates.

  • Availability

Data needs to be always available, and the e-commerce companies need to know where their data is in case of an unexpected interruption or any natural disaster. Because keeping the personal data obtained with the consent of users intact is one of the responsibilities of e-commerce companies as data controllers. Teknotel Telehouse Data Center perfectly meets the need of e-commerce companies for “availability” thanks to its professional and fast 24/7 support.

  • Experience

Although it is not a quantitative criterion, the experience data centers have is among the points to be considered by e-commerce companies while choosing a data center. Working with specialized data center service providers will enable companies to comply with a great number of requirements imposed by the PDPL. Telehouse Istanbul, established in 2011 as a result of the cooperation between Teknotel operating in telecommunications since 1984 and Telehouse, provides PDPL-compliant data center services in accordance with the needs of e-commerce companies with its services concept at global standards and immense experience.Telehouse Blog How Does Colocation Affect Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy 2 254x300 Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

While the Personal Data Protection Law is a rather new area in the Turkish legal system, it puts especially e-commerce companies under important responsibilities and liabilities in several aspects. With this new regulation, companies will face high amounts of administrative and compensation penalties if they fail to comply with the requirements with regards to the collection, processing, and storage of personal data.

In conclusion, Telehouse Istanbul Data Center by Teknotel committed to providing world-class, high-quality, and professional services not only offers business continuity and availability to the public and private organizations and institutions but also helps them fully comply with their PDPL-related liabilities.

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02 Nov 2020

What is CDN and Why Is It Important?

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. Each CDN server, which is created from the server networks called PoPs, is located at different points around the world. In that sense, we can say that CDN is a server network system that publishes the static content of a website like HTML pages, CSS pages, JavaScript files, images, etc. through the closest CDN server to the visitor and thus, enables the website to work faster.

If you are using a CDN service for your website or applications, the CDN will connect to the closest server to the end user when he/she requests to load the content on your website or application. This way, your visitors will access the content they like in a matter of seconds and have a positive user experience.

Who should use CDN?

CDN can be used by anyone who wants to lighten the burden on their websites at any scale and offer their users high-speed access. CDN, which is currently preferred by websites that do international webcasting, gaming companies, or global e-commerce websites, provides various advantages for websites like quick access.

However, if you have a website visited by users all around the world, using a CDN is almost a necessity for you. Because the connection speed between the country you are in and some other countries may be slow. If so, the CDN technology has a lot more to offer for you on top of the quick loading of your content.

What Are the Advantages of Using CDN?

Such content on your website as audio files, images, and videos, which takes up a great deal of space, are transmitted statically. And using a CDN helps you to optimize your website’s performance by increasing its loading speed. Other advantages of the Content Delivery Network can be listed as follows:

  • Your website’s speed will be increased thanks to its compression, location, and optimization technology.
  • Since your website’s speed is an important criterion for SEO studies, your website’s visibility will be improved with CDN usage, and you will be at the top in search engine rankings.
  • You will avoid server-related latency cases as the traffic load on your website will be decreased. This way, your server can respond to requests faster, and your hosting expenses will decrease.
  • CDN with advanced security options protects your website against DDoS attacks and spamming.
  • It optimizes instant traffic overloads occurring especially on special days and during campaigns. By this means, your services will continue without interruption.

Teknotel Telekom produces innovative solutions to provide any company at any scale that needs to operate uninterruptedly and securely with professional Cloud and Data Center services. Telehouse Istanbul, which is created as a result of the cooperation between Teknotel Telekom and Telehouse that is one of the leading global data center providers with its data center network including 48 data centers in a total of 24 strategic locations, guarantees the high speed and performance your website needs with its on-point CDN solutions. In addition, Telehouse Istanbul, committed to providing world-class, high-quality, and professional services, ensures business continuity and uninterrupted availability, and hence, helps you get smart business processes thanks to its services supported by powerful references.

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28 Oct 2020

Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We talked about the digital transformation dynamics in Turkey and the objectives of Telehouse Istanbul Data Center with the CIO of Teknotel, Mehmet Komaz.

– What distinguishes Telehouse Istanbul from other data centers?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, meet the IT infrastructure and data center needs of various international companies at the local and global scale. Digital transformation and availability in business processes are among our top priorities. Therefore, the infrastructure of Telehouse Istanbul is powered by the best security, air conditioning, and energy management solutions just like the other Telehouse facilities around the world.

In addition, Telehouse Istanbul is distinguished from other data centers with its title as the first Carrier Neutral data center in Turkey. Numerous international companies including Compatel, PayPal, Hitachi Kokusai, Fuji Television Network, JBIC, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyota, China Telecom, HGC, NHK, Entrada, Avanti, Summit Steel Turkey, and Game-Hosting, which realize the importance of these two features, prefer to work with us for many years.

The most important feature that distinguishes us from others is our efforts to keep dynamic all the services we provide by always considering customer satisfaction as our top priority in an artificial-intelligence-based innovative, efficient, and secure environment. On top of that, we develop sustainable innovative solutions not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

– Can you tell us about the Data Center network of KDDI and Telehouse Istanbul’s position within this network?Telehouse DC Map Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We offer availability and speed to our customers in Telehouse Istanbul that we established in 2011 as Turkey’s first Carrier Neutral data center as a result of our cooperation with TELEHOUSE, the leading provider of global data center and ICT services. It was founded with our own investment and in accordance with the global standards of Telehouse, the global data center partner of KDDI. In that sense, we can say that Telehouse Istanbul is the first in the data center network of Telehouse including 48 data centers.

KDDI’s safe and manageable intercontinental network enables all Telehouse Data Centers to access one another to form a Global Data Center network.  This way, Telehouse Istanbul customers can access the services anywhere around the world and receive services at global standards.

– You are the first Cloud Service Provider of VMware in Turkey. How is this reflected in the services you provide?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, keep ourselves updated on the latest data center innovations and constantly improve our hardware infrastructure according to the cutting edge technology.

With this motivation, we provide our services as VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and Veeam Cloud Provider, being one of the anchor points of reliable and uninterrupted cloud infrastructure. Also, we are the first VMware cloud service provides in Turkey. Thanks to the infrastructure and fiber optic connections that we established independent of operators, we provide all our services through quality infrastructure systems at the corporate scale. In addition, all of our services are offered at the Tier 3+ standards, which ensures the highest data center standards, and in combination with redundancy options up to 2N+1.

– What kind of services do you offer at Teknotel?

We provide professional, reliable, and uninterrupted Data Center services by specializing with Cisco, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, and Veeam Cloud Provider partnerships. We have a large service portfolio including Point-To-Point Internet, Metro Ethernet Internet, Cloud, Colocation, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Exchange Service, annual on-site maintenance, network setup, and cybersecurity on top of 24/7 Technical Support.

But our primary goal here is to lead the way with our innovative service concept. Telehouse Istanbul, which aims to offer the latest and sound technologies in the rapidly-changing world of technology, guarantees efficiency and availability for companies with its on-point service and solution components to meet the changing technological needs.

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12 Oct 2020

Professional Colocation Services: Telehouse Istanbul

Colocation, in other words, “Colocation”, refers to a professional data center service in short. It specifies keeping the server belonging to the user in the active data center with the colocation feature. Colocation service, designed to minimize the energy expenditures, provides the companies a fast and uninterrupted access.

Colocation service is one of the most preferred options for companies that do not prefer to have a data center within their own body, apart from cloud services. According to the recently published Global Data Center and Colocation Market Research, the Colocation market is expected to reach $ 63 billion with an annual growth rate of 14% by 2023.

Investing in Digital Systems is a Necessity

Investing in digital systems has become a necessity for all companies, whether large or medium-sized. Colocation investments may be considered as one of the suitable investment tools for companies that want to manage their business applications professionally and quickly. Colocation allows an IT department to protect its hardware without the burden of managing a data center. Companies that provide Colocation services provide cost advantages from many points such as maintenance, security, uninterrupted internet, power and cooling infrastructure, auxiliary software and IT staff.

Telehouse Professional Colocation Services Telehouse istanbul e1602502086310 Professional Colocation Services: Telehouse IstanbulAnother advantage of Colocation is the opportunity to access a wide variety of additional services such as disaster recovery, cyber security and cloud technology. In other words, it will create a great opportunity for a company that receives Colocation services to purchase other data center or cloud infrastructure services if they require.

Today, businesses often prefer to manage their on-site and off-site applications over public and private cloud services. Moving data and applications between two different cloud environments is a very important process. This also requires a very complex IT infrastructure. With the Colocation service, companies will save time and costs as the workload of the IT department shall decrease in terms of this issue.

Speed ​​Up Your Company’s Digital Transformation Process with Colocation Service!

Another advantage of the Colocation service is that it provides flexibility and speed to the companies through the digital transformation process. Businesses have to keep up with changing market demands and customer expectations quickly. In other words, they need to integrate solutions that shall eliminate problems such as overloading and access problems caused by heavy traffic in their digital networks into their business processes. With Colocation services, constant disruption of business processes and heavy traffic problems shall be eliminated. On the other hand, with Colocation services, the cost of operating a data center shall be eliminated, and getting professional support in line with international standards provides an advantage for the companies in terms of data security.

So what directs companies to Colocation services?

  • Failure of companies to take responsibility for data they need to store and manage securely, or their lack of sufficient server capacity.
  • Requirement to receive professional service in terms of compliance with regulations covering data privacy and security such as LPPD,
  • Requirement for high speed and flexibility in order to meet constantly changing customer demands and expectations,
  • In parallel with digital transformation, the requirement of existing IT infrastructure to have the capacity to respond to new market strategies,
  • Requirement for professional service in data center security, management, disaster recovery and IT personnel,
  • Provision of high quality IT infrastructure at low costs, especially for small-scale companies.

Teknotel produces the right solutions by providing professional Data Center and Cloud services for smart businesses that need to operate without interruption. The privileged features of Teknotel Telekom allow medium and large-scale Turkish companies that require an effective strategy to get professional solutions. Thus, Teknotel Telekom offers the benefits of being a local data center at global standards, together with its technological and integrated solution partners, by serving its customers in an innovative, effective and reliable environment.

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05 Oct 2020

Selection of a Data Center for Financial Institutions after LPPD

Today, while the use of internet and online transactions is increasing rapidly, the importance of “protection of personal data” has also increased at the same rate. On the other hand, with the LPPD and the heavy sanctions that was brought together with it, this issue has gained vital importance. Thus, the LPDD, i.e. the Law on Protection of Personal Data, has reached the top rank at the action lists of many institutions and organizations. But first of all, we need to know what personal data is and what information is included within this cover. All kinds of information regarding a natural person who is identified or identifiable are defined as personal data. In this context, contact information, identity information, health information, photos and camera records, financial and biometric information, memberships to associations and foundations are information considered within the scope of personal data.

Why Was LPPD Needed?

The unabated development of technology has caused the data access and transfer speeds to reach the highest levels and to be widely used in every field. And this has created the need to protect the data and prevent its abuse. In this context, the main purpose of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data is to prevent the processing or misuse of personal data, to ensure the security of the data and to prevent violations of personal rights.

Post-LPPD Data Center for Fintech

After LPPD, which brings along high financial sanctions as well as penal conditions in case of violation, the importance of choosing the right data center has been increased for the Fintech sector, which is one of the sectors with the most intense data flow. Because it does not seem possible to measure the loss of reputation that will occur when the selection of a wrong data center causes the relevant institutions and organizations to face a difficult position before the law. This brings along the question, “What should the Fintech industry look for in the service providers when choosing a data center?”

Below, we discuss about 5 critical features that any financial organization shall consider when choosing a data center after LPPD.Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul 1 300x300 Selection of a Data Center for Financial Institutions after LPPD

  • Security: Security: In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data, institutions and organizations are required to provide all kinds of security and compliance with legislation in the environment where their data is located. In this context, the measures that companies shall take against physical and cyber attacks to their infrastructures are very important. You shall make sure that the Data Center from which you shall receive services has multi-layered security measures, including fire detection and extinguishing systems.
  • Compliance: Organizations that provide financial services, particularly Fintechs, require an environment that complies with data protection regulations such as LPPD to store their data. In order to comply with such regulations, it would be beneficial for them to choose data centers with additional accreditations.
  • Uninterrupted Operation: Speed ​​and uninterrupted operation are very important in transactions where milliseconds lost in IT operations can be worth millions of dollars. In this context, the data center infrastructure shall continue to operate uninterruptedly without any loss in processes such as communication and real-time big data analysis. This condition is of great importance for corporations in terms of both the management of their reputation and liabilities that may arise from LPPD.
  • Accessibility: In case of a natural disaster or unexpected interruption, it is necessary to know where the data is and the data shall be available at any time for industries where personal data exchange is intensive, especially for Fintechs. On the other hand, “accessibility” is one of the main factors to be considered in the selection of a data center so that services such as insurance or asset management and digital banking may be resumed with continuous service without any loss of data and time.
  • Volume: Institutions providing financial services shall be fully redundant against any failure, that is, they shall have a safe power supply. In addition, they shall have sufficient space to store ever increasing personal data and be able to scale this area in line with their requirements.

As a result, it is very important for financial organizations to find a partner such as Telehouse Istanbul, which is fully backed-up and guarantees 99.999% uptime from its SLAs. While Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide a world-class, quality and professional service, provides business continuity and uninterrupted operation for institutions that provide financial services with the services it offers in cooperation with its international solution partners, it also fully meets its obligations arising from LPPD and from the requirements of the data center.

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