About TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Cloud Connectivity

The concept of transition to the cloud is not only the way in which your data is stored and kept, but also how you access it. Hosting on a cloud platform means that your application’s performance, availability, and access are highly dependent on your existing network infrastructure.

Cloud services suffered from poor connectivity, security and choice of local presence. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL‘s focal point for creating an impressive network, both local and global, is linked to our customers’ cloud applications.

Access to one or more leading cloud services should be secured and reliable for many organizations. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Cloud Connects provide a dedicated and private connection between your network and cloud services with scalable and predictable bandwidth.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Carrier Neutral Backbone allows you to configure your custom or hybrid cloud solution in one day. Our cloud connectivity offers the best performance along with a wide range of bandwidth options and contract terms.


What Cloud Connectivity can do for you

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL carrier natural connections provide dedicated and hybrid cloud enablement via Cloud Connections, end-to-end connectivity solutions that secure, define and accelerate your cloud services and last mile requirements.


  • Selection of your connection for your cloud service
  • Secure your service redundancy with other operator access
  • Manage multiple Cloud Servers
  • Secure, scalable, reliable, fast and low-cost
  • Simple and easy commissioning of the connection
  • Scale the bandwidth your business needs
  • Unlimited and access


You may define, secure and accelerate the transfer of data between your network and your cloud services. Customers may seamlessly distribute virtual customized direct connections over a scalable and secure network through a dedicated online portal.

Our Cloud Connections have completely redundant accesses. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides availability of 99.999% colocation services.

You may buy your customized and suitable Cloud Server service from our website www.teknotel.com and set up a cloud connection to run your service/services in ONE DAY.

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