So that mission-critical systems are guaranteed optimal performance, complete visibility is needed in regard to the services your business uses. We also provide an end-to-end monitoring at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, which means that you can completely trust and be confident in our efficacy and performance when managing and facilitating your services.

Business critical performance

Every engineer who is a member of our remote hand services team has been assimilated into the business continuity framework at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. All these engineers are Motoring Platform users. Therefore, these individuals can minimise recovery times and immediately tell which issue is affecting your service.


Monitor your service

Your server’s performance may be monitored using your login information (User ID and name) allocated just for you, to see the traffic you have used. Additionally, you can see by using the special application, usage graphics for your line by logging in using your login information.


Assist with your future planning

We suggest you use reporting and monitoring platforms at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL so that you can more easily understand your infrastructure and the next stages and steps that need to be taken. When you decide to make a transition or a change when planning for the future, our team of engineers is ready to help and work with your businesses’ data.

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