TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is connected to TELEHOUSE London North Two Data Center with 10 Gbps access capacity and IP-MPLS structure. TELEHOUSE is the central office of LINX, which effectively represents the backbone of the UK Internet and is one of the world’s largest Internet traffic exchange site.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides MPLS VPN, Interconnect, Cross Connect, Local Loop, Peering, Colocation, Shared Services, Cloud, DDoS and Disaster Recovery services over TELEHOSE London North Two LINX POP.



London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the largest Internet Exchange Center in the world. More than 700 members from 67 countries around the world link to ASN and reach about 80% of the global routing table.

The London-based IXP, a mutual membership organization whose members are a large part of the global Internet, is in a unique place to distinguish itself with the slogan ” Working for the Good of the Internet “. As a non-profit organization, LINX focuses on their services and membership fees to give powerful LINX network services.

This guarantees that their infrastructure is up-to-date and the IXP industry always  remains on the front. In this way, they can provide improved network performance, low latency and more control over their members.

LINX serves with 11 PoPs in London, additionally, for UK with regional exchange centers in Wales (BKCardiff), BKN (IXCardiff), IXManchester in North of England and IXScotland. LINX also manages, Internet exchange access point in Ashburn metro area of Washington DC, USA, LINX NoVA.



Telehouse and LINX have been working to support Europe’s Internet infrastructure with 20 years’ experience as the hub of the London Internet Exchange.

“The relationship with Telehouse has enabled us to transform London’s Docklands into one of the world’s leading global internet hubs. This partnership is only going to grow in importance as the introduction of 100G technology takes hold and the UK requires ever greater connectivity and capacity as traffic grows.”

John Souter, CEO of LINX

“The partnership between Telehouse and LINX has driven innovation and progress in the UK and worldwide over the past 20 years. The construction of North Two will further drive the industry to reach new heights and allow businesses to grow exponentially.”

Hiroyuki Soshi, Managing Director of Telehouse Europe

There was a need for an important work for the London Olympics in 2012:

  • Massive infrastructure upgrade -> LINX doubled core capacity (all in Telehouse)
  • LINX has a connected capacity of> 7 TB/s
  • LINX has ~ 12 TB/sec of core capacity own itself in Telehouse
  • Most of this has happened because LINX was the first in the world to run on Juniper Networks’ massive PTX core routers. The driver was at the 2012 Olympics
  • It is also the first to serve 100G Edge Port. This was also done for BT for 2012 Games

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