TELEHOUSE and TEKNOTEL, who are the partners of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, are among the foremost true Carrier Neutral facilities in the Data Centre Market in Turkey. The business is situated in Istanbul on the Asian side of The Bosporus, close to the metro station in the center of the Kozyatagi, an expanding and active trading hub. They offer a nonstop power supply, numerous connectivity options, and superior security when it comes to their services

CLOUD services and DATA CENTRE services are available through the HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS INFRASTRUCTURE provided by TEKNOTEL.


Carrier Neutral & Overseas Connectivity

With the region’s most significant data networks and voice networks, as well as its Carrier-Neutral Access infrastructure, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL has an array of alternative solutions and services to customers.

Mobile providers, local carriers, and ISPs within the region comprise the Carrier Interconnect service provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, along with further connections to overseas that use fiber connections, facilitating access to Europe’s and America’s major IP backbones.


Carrier Neutral Connectivity | Overseas Connectivity


Colocation and Managed Services meeting international Standards

There are several data center services on offer from TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, these ascribe to international trading standards, such as the IEC/ISO 27001. Remote Hands, Disaster Recovery Services, SaaS, Back-up, Monitoring and Periodic Reporting, and 24/7 Technical Support services are all on offer within the services portfolio.

Tier 3+ Data Centre

As a Tier 3+ Data Centre, the TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Data Centre has both dual-powered and redundant servers, network links, storage facilities and further IT components.

The Highest Level of Reliability

Like every other global Data Centre run by TELEHOUSE, the TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Data Centre, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL can offer a 99.999% SLA uptime and 2(N+1) redundant service, making sure that our customers are reassured and confident in their business operations.


SaaS, Remote Hands, 24/7 Technical Support, Monitoring and Periodic Reporting, Disaster Recovery Services, Back-up, Service Level Agreement.

Hardware Upgrade and Maintenance

Many of the largest firms in the world trust TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL to host their mission-critical systems. We are charged with making sure that their applications and services remain connected, highly secured and running live 24/7. The very best maintenance and hardware performance are also needed to guarantee reassurance and peace of mind. A fully integrated infrastructure is now offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, one developed from the excellent breed vendors. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is proud to offer this service.

We can increase your services’ lifetime by offering certified vendor support and OEM hardware at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. Consequently, reassuring and dependable maintenance and reliable equipment ensure our Data Centre offers consistent, exemplarity service.




  • Maximum and standard power for each cabinet of 5KW
  • Maximum forty-eight autonomy hours for full-capacity standby generators
  • Thirty minutes autonomy at maximum capacity; 2N+1 redundant UPS
  • Two smart PDU cabinets from different power-distribution panels
  • 2N+1 redundant standby generators.


Air-conditioning and Cooling

  • Room temperature of 24 (± 2) degrees Celsius provided using room-conditioning units (RACUs) with a 50% (±20%) humidity level.
  • 2N+1 Close-Control air conditioning units (Gas)
  • Raised floor (500mm) and airflow facilities for the most proficient cooling solution
  • In-room units provide full function, humidifying and de-humidifying caution management with closed-air-conditioning.


Fire Detection and Suppression

  • A fully addressable and two-layered detection system for flame and fire damage, the system assesses the room and the floor under the room where the hardware is stored.
  • Intervention and local detection capacity, that is; separation of the data center into several different regions, therefore letting us know precisely where an incident is taking place.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing system (with FM200 gas automation system), this reduces the damage and scope of thermal impact through mitigation. This is safe for people as well as being useful when safeguarding hardware.
  • Fire detection using a dry sprinkler system, present through the whole of the data center, is installed per local safety precautions and regulations utilizing VESDA (very early smoke detection alarm) system.
  • Inflammable calcium sulfate flooring installed across the whole data center
  • Suppression and detection system for mitigating and detecting fire has been devised so that any issues can be segregated, and any problems mitigated.


Security System

  • Autonomous identification access system for independent customers
  • Physical guards and safe and monitored single-person entry point; integrated video surveillance
  • Only authorized individuals can access the center when required though safety accessibility procedures.
  • Complete coverage using CCTV surveillance, including its facilities, perimeter, and common zones.

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