WAN Optimization Solution – TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Enhanced Connect

Businesses may access their own colocation, cloud, SaaS etc. by using the Internet. Business services and global offices often have slow, insecure and unpredictable services.

By connecting to TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, you benefit from our strong, stable, secure data center and cloud services.

Superior Quality Over ‘Your’ Internet

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Connection offers high performance Internet access to your business applications with secured and redundant connection from the most remote global offices. In addition, you can have needed bandwidth on demand in the same day as TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Enhanced Connection.

  • Design offers the best long-range performance
  • Totally private, safe and unnecessary
  • Fully managed service


Fast Secure Cloud Access

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Enhanced Connect provides fast, secure cloud access directly to private and mixed cloud services with accelerated, predictable and secure performance.

  • Direct connection to cloud services
  • Accelerated performance for network cloud and SaaS services
  • Provides predictable and secure performance for cloud and SaaS services
Business Efficiencies

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Enhanced Connectivity is a private, secure and fully managed service that delivers exceptional business productivity.

  • file transfer response times, faster than 30 times
  • Access to cloud services 8 times faster
  • 999% VoIP service time
  • 400% faster response time for Better remote desktop user experience


Real Time Monitoring Platform

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL’s Advanced Monitoring Platform enables customers to measure quality and quantities and improve performance. This provides real-time network data and analysis with promised SLA agreement.


Rapid & Flexible Deployment

With TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Enhanced Connect, our specialists can evaluate the optimal bandwidth for your business needs. If you demand to increase the bandwidth, you only need to call/e-mail/ticket your request. The service capacity will be increased in hours.

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