Choosing the most suitable colocation service demands thorough consideration and deliberation concerning expenditure, technical requirements, and corporate demands. This is not something which can be conducted in isolation, and the prospective state and demands of your infrastructure shall always be most important for your business.

Several colocation services are offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. These services involve comprehensive scheduling and planning. In this way, our services guarantee that – both now and prospectively – your infrastructure can deliver in the best possible manner.


1. Shared Colocation Space (SCS)

Individually locked and separated cabinets are offered as part of the cost-effective SCS service we provide to firms. These cabinets are carefully and rigidly secured and are accessible on a 365/24 basis, but only to specific individuals granted authorization. Cabinets are provided by us or arranged independently by your firm.

We also provide other options including half, quarter and single rack cabinet spaces for customers who do not require a complete suite or cabinet, but who still need the security and soundness of a colocation space.

1U Space   Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
2U Space  Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
5U Space (1/8 Rack)  Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
10U Space (1/4 Rack)  Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
20U Space (1/2 Rack) Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
42U Space (1 Full-Rack) Fıxed-speed access to ınternet         1 Mbps-10 Gbps  1-5kw for each scalable and flexıble choıces from suıtes
Service Details
  • The rental fee is determined according to the area and volume of the client’s demands and needs, along with the size of their equipment. To ensure that the variable demands of customers are satisfied, a flexible service is offered including maximum and minimum requirements and services.
  • Both traffic-based bandwidth and fixed bandwidth offers are available for our clients. The unlimited bandwidth we offer is something that customers who host their own services will find useful, especially where bandwidth needs vary over time and utilization intensity varies accordingly. The cost of these services is determined on a monthly basis, depending on the traffic and the bandwidth required.
  • The energy used by the customer is also determined per their usage and equipment on a monthly basis; the cost is set per a kilowatt tariff. Hence, there is a fair price for the right level of usage.
Add-On IP KVM (for 1 port)  Addıtıonal IP Address
Available UP TO /22 IP Block   IP Block (one unıt)C-Class
Available for 5KW 2PDU (1 rack)   Fırewall Add-On (general, for each server)
Patch Panel   Servıce Actıvatıon
Cablıng Servıces Onsıte   Data Backup
7 DAYS / 24 HOURS TECHNICAL SUPPORT  Rental of Server Lıcense
MRTG Lıne Report and System Monıtorıng   Dısaster Recovery
Tıcketıng Support 



2. Caged Colocation Space

Caged spaces present a more secure, cost-effective alternative to colocation and other shared spaces. They allow customers to store servers within the premises of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL in secure metal cages. Access can be facilitated through several options: first, via authorized clients using either access cards or key locks; and second, via biometric systems.

The same climate control, fire detection, power distribution and compression capacities per the external rack are incorporated into the caged environment.

Plan Your Colocation With TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL

We have a team of expert and experienced data center planners to assist you in finding and securing your collocation needs.

Service Benefits

Connectivity: ‘Carrier Neutral’ Access Infrastructure

With “Carrier-Neutral” Access Infrastructure, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL collects the region’s most significant voices and data networks in one location, while presenting different access services and solutions to clients.

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As a Tier 3+ data center, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL offers uptime SLA’s of 99.9% and is a totally redundant 2(N+1) facilitating peace of mind for all Telehouse’s consumers.

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The Teknotel Group’s data center, Internet, and infrastructural services are facilitated by TEKNOTEL. The Teknotel group is the leader in Turkey’s telecommunications industry and has been since 1984.
Both nationally and internationally, firms have chosen TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL and TEKNOTEL for their experience in the field. This allows them to face problems and challenges posed to them at the current time as well as prospectively. Over one thousand firms now use TEKNOTEL and TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL for their data center services.

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Global Reach

TELEHOUSE covers a total of 450,000 m2 with its hosting area, and it has a total of 48 data centers situated in the most significant and important locations globally. The customers and clients of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL are offered both flexible collocation services and a high level of safety and security. Business continuity solutions and the disaster recovery services offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, which it provides with the use of its DC network, guarantee this.

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24×7 Monitoring, Management & Support

On a 365/24 basis and regardless of your corporate footprint, there are many experts and specialized team members from our support and engineering staff ready to help clients and consumers get all the help they need.

  • Round the clock availability on every day of the year
  • Unlimited callout and usage limits
  • Service engineer support and technical support access

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  • Electricity feed with two alternate routes
  • Full Load Running 2N+1 Battery System/UPS
  • 1–5kW rack-power availability
  • 5kW 2PDU for each rack
  • Up to 2N+1 redundancy
  • 450 KVA redundant grid power
  • 2N+1 redundant generator

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  • Both high-density and standard system hot and cold aisle containment
  • Free water cooling and environmentally friendly systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems that offer down-flow chilled water system
  • 2N+1 redundancy
  • Fixed 22 °C (plus or minus 2°C)
  • 48% (plus or minus 15%) humidity


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Managed Services

Extensive and specialized knowledge and competency are needed to maintain reliability and high performance. This generally comprises more than 70% of any IT budget. Retaining the greatest performance levels and attaining lower infrastructural management costs present a wonderful chance to reallocate funds, organize your budget and ensure more servers are delivered to your firm.
We capitalize on in-house specialized personnel and engineers at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. This allows us to provide the wide range of managed services you and your businesses require, thereby ensuring reliability and high performance. Ultimately, this allows you and your company to concentrate on what you are best at.

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