What is Cloud Server?

Cloud servers use virtualization technology to separate the system resources of physical servers. Because of virtualization technology, the cloud can run several applications on various operating systems, incorporating numerous features and processes over a virtualization strata or layer. Consequently, one can determine the capacity of a certain resource, such as the RAM, the DISC, and the CPU; the service means that you can complete a cloud installation in a matter of minutes. Expedient performance of decreased and increased operations is also possible.

How is a Cloud Server set up?

There are four main aspects to a cloud server, these include the RAM (memory), the CPU (processing) the DISC (storage) and traffic. Using our website, you can choose which Cloud Server Package is best and which one is best suited to your requirements by determining, with the ‘Customization page’, which of the Cloud Server services you need before deciding to rent one. Our team of specialized engineers is ready to set out the configurations and operations and start running the Cloud Servicer you have chosen.

Which operating systems does Cloud Server service support?

Several different operating systems are supported by Teknotel’s Cloud servers. Of these, the primary ones are Linux and Windows. The ‘Buy’ section shows the Cloud server services and Operating systems we offer.

Do I need to purchase hardware for Cloud Server service?

There is no need to make a purchase for hardware to take advantage of the Cloud services we priced and offer. All the virtual servers operate in physical servers using VMware and Hyper-V virtualization platforms, the physical servers are owned by Teknotel.

What is the difference between Cloud Servers and physical servers?

Compared to physical servers, cloud servers are more easily adapted and provide greater flexibility; this is because the DISC resources, the RAM, and the CPU resources can all be changed according to needs, while the servers also support numerous different operating systems. This means that the number and amount of hardware that can be used are effectively infinite, and further hardware is utilized on demand and when capacity demands it. Furthermore, physical servers are prone to failure and wear over time, indeed many have just a three-year lifespan. The cloud servers offer a better service at a lower cost and there are no facilities you lose when making the switch from physical to cloud-based servers. Indeed, with cloud servers, you take away or add additional elements and resources per your demands and requirements without having to buy a new server or rent a new server as in the case of physical servers and services. All the cloud servers we operate are guaranteed to operate with 99.999% uptime, and all are kept and stored in the Data centers owned by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. Furthermore, it only takes a couple of minutes to launch and set up a Cloud server, and the capacity of your server can be altered whenever you like. By using the cloud-based service your firm can experience lower costs and higher performances because of data center resources, software resources, human resources, cooling, power resources, uninterrupted accessibility and other demands like security payments, are no longer needed.

Is Cloud Server secure?

The correct security stratagem allows one to obtain the best cloud server security possible per the most modern technology available. The cloud servers can be securely separated because every virtual layer of the Cloud server is set up in isolation an upon joint platforms. Private VLAN applications devised in network layers facilitates this isolation. Furthermore, the environments on the cloud can run without problems because of the allocation of separate DISC to every cloud server within the layer used for data-storage; there is no interference of CPU or RAM allocations because of their configuration. Furthermore, the security solutions like the IPS/IDS, content/URL filtering, and the DDoS all facilities an especially secure cloud environment for the T-cloud users.

What is Cloud Server’s pricing?

Our ‘prices’ section contains information regarding the renting and the T-Cloud process offered by Teknotel. The different prices reflect different T-Server packages tailored to different demands.

Where can I purchase a Cloud Server?

Teknotel provides the very best Cloud server; its platforms are run using the most security solutions, the firm offers some of the most popular and renowned cloud platforms, including the Hyper-V and the VMware platform, with the most advanced devices per TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL’s global standard by utilizing the state-of-the-art infrastructure.

What is VMware?

Based on the vSphere platform, VMware®, running a virtual server stored using physical servers, namely, the HP BLADE ProLiant BL 460C G8.

What is Hyper-V?

It is Microsoft’s hyper controller based Server Virtualization technology. A Hyper-V virtual server environment is used to run the servers; Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition physical servers are utilized for storage.

What is Cloud Storage?

By using Cloud storage, you can safely and securely store all the data, including videos, files, e-mails, and documents—the most important and irreplaceable assets of your firm—on the cloud in a dedicated area.

Can I access my data from anywhere with Cloud Storage?

So long as you have the internet you can access your data at any place; so, so long as you have access to the web, you can access your data.

Who is the Cloud Storage solution suitable for?

Individuals that need to access their firms’ data while off-site are able with the use of cloud storage. Especially workers in the marketing, sales, and management departments of a firm, who can stay brand-new with the most contemporary version of a document or set of data. For traveling workers, this solution means they can work always and places.

Is my data secure with the Cloud Storage service?

The data of your firm or enterprise is stored in the cloud within a cloud server environment. Of all the features possible and offered using cloud storage, the most significant is the sound and safe infrastructure, and the security offered by Teknotel’s service incorporating DDoS, Firewall and IDS/IPS solutions.

What do I need in order to benefit from the Cloud Storage service?

No software or hardware purchases are necessary to access and utilize the cloud storage service; Teknotel can provide all the solutions to store your information and data on the cloud. You are allocated a space according to the service you decide to buy.

What is Disaster Recovery?

In order that you can continue your business operations without pause and without data loss, disaster recovery offers a means by which the totality of your system and all its data can be stored off-site.

What is Cloud Disaster Recovery?

The totality of your system and a set of mirrors and duplicate are retained in the Cloud Servers per the Cloud Disaster Recovery Service; this means that data-loss is prevented, and your business operations can proceed uninterrupted.

Where can I get the Cloud Disaster Recovery service?

Operating from the European Side of Istanbul, within the Telehouse Istanbul Data Centre, Teknotel operates its Cloud Disaster Recovery service for all its clients.

Do I need to purchase hardware for the Cloud Disaster Recovery service?

You do not have to make any purchase when opting for the Cloud Disaster Recovery Service, all you must do is pay for the service you need, there is no investment and no need to buy anything you will not or do not use. Thanks to the service itself and its pay-as-you-go method, you can procure the resources you need instantly.

What is Cloud Back up Server Back up?

Teknotel provides a backup service, both a restore system and a disk-based backup solution. Two options are possible as part of this service, an image backup service, and a file backup service.

How is Cloud Back up Server Back up Performed?

All organizational operations and processes are backed up using the cloud backup server, including the mobile device, the servers, the laptop and desktop computer and other portable devices (including tablets and Android devices) relevant to your firm. In short, every piece of data that is important to your firm is stored and backed up on the cloud. When using the image backup service, the whole virtualization platform is backed up though enabling of the operating system.

On which platform does Cloud Back up run?

Replication™ and Veeam® are used for the running of the cloud backup server, these are the most commonly used data protection platforms globally.

What is Veeam® Back up & Replication™ data protection platform?

As a Data protection platform designed to be used for the cloud, Replication™ and Veeam® are globally utilized products. Using this infrastructure, the many virtualization platforms and the applications and data therein are restored and backed up with ease and at a low cost.

What is required for Cloud Back up Server Back up?

When opting for the Cloud Backup service there is no requirement to purchase a software or hardware solution. Teknotel provides the backup operations and the infrastructure needed per the cloud structure. To take advantage of the server backup, Teknotel Cloud Server solution must be utilized. As part of this solution, you as the client are free to determine which area is used to back up your system and your data; you make the choice and then the precise set up according to your needs is established. Subsequently, automatic updates are made to backup and store your data every week, day, or month.

What are Cloud Back up Server Back up’s prices?

The costs and prices of the cloud backup server can be seen in the Cloud Backup Pricing area; alternatively, to speak to a salesperson and obtain a more in-depth information concerning the service call +90 665 77 00. You can start utilizing the service immediately.

Are my backups safe with Cloud Back up?

All the backups are stored and encrypted in Teknotel’s servers as part of the Cloud Back up Servicer. Therefore, only you can see the backups of your system and data. The highly secure cloud environment provided by Teknotel as well as the sound and secure infrastructure—incorporating Firewall, DDoS, and IDS and IPS solutions—are all included in the Cloud Backup Service. This ensures that all clients are assured 100% security.

Who are the Cloud Back up Server Back up solutions for?

For some firms, Cloud backup servers are needed, especially if your firm:

  • Is concerned about data integrity and informational security and safety
  • May be susceptible to significant financial or asset losses stemming from interrupted corporate transactions, processes and loss-of date
  • Hope to ensure ongoing corporate services and operations dispute possible dangers, hazards, and interruptions.

Can I access my backups from anywhere?

So long as you have internet access you will be able to access your backups. You can do this by using the personalized credentials and accessing the online customer interface.

What is Colocation?

TEKNOTEL Telekom offers its own data centers through the T-COLO server hosting solution, your firm’s corporate operations are supposed by Teknotel’s dedicated servers. The virtual server service is covered as part of this colocation service.

What is the ‘Pay as You Use’ model?

An alternative pricing system at an affordable rate is possible through the services offered by Teknotel Telekom; these costs are set per the traffic that you use and the services you need. Potentially, different traffic needs can be seen at different times without limit. Additionally, through this option you do not need to spend any capital on services you do not have to; the pay-as-you-go means that traffic is managed and monitored on an ongoing basis, every month these numbers are accounted for and added up and a bill is sent to the client per the amount they have used. This option is available through the anytime 24/7 Teknotel Telekom Technical Support infrastructure. The service is satellite Redundant.

What kind of hardware use is required for T-COLO service?

The kind of server that is to be used within colocation solutions and services is often set per the firm in question and what hosting service is needed. Teknotel’s Telekom data center is then handed the server, arriving in a prepared state. However, there are no demands or requirements as part of a virtual server applicator, indeed, the space already exists and has been set aside within the Teknotel Telekom servers; the services and solutions that are to be hosted are placed and allocated spaces in the traditional method, while for the new virtual servers, numerous firms may be hosted on a single physical server.

Does the pricing change according to server type?

Standard servers utilize 80GB of traffic each month, they utilize a 1400-Watt power supply and utilize a single ethernet port and are 1U regarding their type. Other than these, the traffic, ethernet port, static IP, power supply and rack unit also incur additional costs.

What is the difference between speed and traffic?

Colocation is unlimited according to the Teknotel Telecom services regarding speed, this means that the servers may be utilized at consistent and high speeds. The amount of data that is transferred over the course of the month is then added up and a bill compiled accordingly. Momentary data, regarding speed, and periodic data, which is traffic, are the two distinguishing elements here.

What is Disaster Recovery?

The main data can be duplicated within the center into a common region, after which the disaster recovery storage area is used to store these data.

How often does Disaster Recovery back up data?

Efficacious and efficient storage is ensured by disaster recovery; data stored at the instance of data creation.

Do I have to purchase a server to receive disaster recovery service?

No. Depending on what you may prefer, the cloud servers can be used to obtain and secure the disaster recovery service, or you can access them through the dedicated servers.

What kind of a system does Disaster Recovery have?

The system can provide you with ongoing efficiency for your firm utilizing backup disk-to-disk thereby guaranteeing your firm’s ongoing operation without pause.

What are Teknotel’s security solutions?

DDoS attack and IPS/IDS track protection and prevention services are assured with Teknotel so that all the clients of TELEHOUSE are guaranteed safety and security in the service we provide.

Who can benefit from Teknotel’s security solutions?

Firms that have the server backup, cloud server services, and Teknotel’s colocation services using internet-based critical operations and applications, as well as those who do not wish to invest further capital regarding security measures or devised, firms needing reassurance against DDoS attacks and IPS/IPD attacks benefit from the security solutions.

What is IDS (Intrusion Detection System)?

This is a system used to prevent against any intrusion or attach. This system is responsible for assessing and guarding your traffic and all traffic that enters and exits the servers per internet connectivity, attacks are stopped before they manage to reach the actual servers in question. Attack databases keep a record of these kinds of attacks and these are kept safe on different servers globally; IDSs note and record the nature of these attacks, they do not stop or prevent them. IDSs have all the known attacks saved in their databases.

What is IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)?

IDS/IPS systems utilize and run like and using a Firewall. IPS systems are something that can prevent and stop attacks, by detecting any dangerous traffic, and averts it from damaging your system.

How does IDS/IPS Attack Detection System work?

IPS/IDS systems can stop and detect all the attacks that try and enter your system. The dedicated server, Cloud server, and the colocation services within the data centers of Telehouse Istanbul are safeguarded against all attacks, regardless where they originated from.

Are IPS/IDS adequate for the security of my server services?

Such systems are helpful, but they are not perfect, indeed, DDoS attacks can still impact you. These work by sending a huge amount of traffic into servers and therefore your firm’s operations and uptime are endangered.

What is DDoS?

These send a large amount of traffic into your servers and they are generally the most damaging known kinds of attack regarding internet traffic disruption. If you do not safeguard against them, these can harm and put your business in danger.

What should I do in order to not be affected by DDoS?

Possible DDoS threats are safeguarded against using the DDoS attack protection system; these work by utilizing TCP flags, stopping ICMP, HTTP flooding, DNS and other similar kinds of attack.

How does DDoS Attack Prevention System work?

These kinds of attacks take place as huge traffic volumes target a single source, numerous origins and sources send this disrupting traffic to the intended location. The prevention system is able to pick up on these before they have a harmful effect and redirect clean data traffic to your server after the handful traffic has been taken out. The dangerous traffic, therefore, never impacts your network.

What is License Rental service?

This kind of agreement is offered to the clients and customers of Teknotel; firms who can take advantage of this service have no need to buy the required software programs for their corporation or enterprise.

With which license can I use the service?

Rather than having to make a purchase, you are able to rent the Microsoft service you need. For more information, look at the License rental page.

Who can offer License Rental service?

Any firm that has signed the SPLA (Service provider licensing agreement) with the service provider, Microsoft, like Teknotel, can utilize it.

Why should I choose a License Rental service?

There is no need to buy or purchase any license for your firm when selecting a license rental service from us. High costs are therefore not a necessity. Each month you are charged for the service and this fee. The is set according to the amount of data that you use. All the latest licenses from Microsoft are offered as part of the service, and these are automatically kept brand-new. These may be amended any time, costs are guaranteed and every year the costs are updated.

What is a server back up?

Your data is backed up on the servers located in the Teknotel TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Data centers; there are no repair costs, maintenance costs or investments needed as part of this backup service.

How are back up time periods determined?

You do determine those periods! You can choose the intervals between the data storage times per either rented or your own service per the data centers of Telehouse Istanbul.

Is there a need for any additional software when server back up operation is performed?

No further software is needed.

Is server performance affected during the backup process?

No, there is no effect whatsoever.

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