Full Backup Units for your Business-Critical Data

We are aware of the fact that information and data can be among a firm’s most important and inexpungable assets, one essential to the running of their business. For hundreds of firms and organizations, we at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL ensure and provide the most sound and reliable service.

The service we provide includes tight security, 99.999% uptime and the best possible infrastructural availability standards, as well as delivering great customer service and scalability. On a 365/24 basis, we ensure that your data is sound and secure, giving you peace of mind and certainty over your data’s safety and security. Furthermore, data backup services are also available just in case you want extra satisfaction and security.

Two kinds of data backup solutions are offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL:


1.Server Backup

Your data can be stored securely with our Server Backup service, and this does not incur any maintenance, repair or service costs on your behalf. You can immediately and automatically backup your data with the backup applications that run on the servers. Moreover, you can set the backup times based on your needs and schedule, for weekly, daily or monthly backups.

All vendor services and products are supported by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. Therefore, your mission-critical data are all guaranteed in terms of maximum efficacy and control. We have a dedicated and specialized engineering crew ready to work at all days and hours of the year.

Server performance and server operations will continue to operate at high speeds, uninterrupted and unaffected by the aforementioned process and operations. Data storage costs are also minimised to the greatest practicable extent.

Features of the Server Backup

  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Application level SLA’s
  • Min. Cost & Max. Efficiency
  • Freedom from vendor Lock-in
  • No need additional software for your server
  • Ticketing system
  • Nonstop access
  • Highly secure Data Center


2.Cloud Backup

A more advanced and sophisticated backup system is available per disk backup, which may seem preferable when it comes to recovering mission-critical data. However, this is more restrictive when compared to really effective recovery methods due to the physical limitation of physical processes and recovery windows. Despite this utility, this is due to the fact that it has been two decades since backup and recovery technologies have undergone change.

Virtual technologies, much like other ICT infrastructure domains, can facilitate a dramatic improvement covering backup, recovery and performance infrastructure. Cloud Backup services are offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL so that you can efficiently conduct your business at an optimal level of performance.

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