TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL PRIVATE and HYBRID CLOUD Services provides maximum Performance, Scalability, and Security

We want to make sure that we provide you with the most appropriate and fitting cloud service for your firm.

Regarding security, proficiency, and cost-effectiveness our specialist and experienced team can try and help you choose the most appropriate cloud service for your business to remain competitive and up brand-new. Your needs demand scalability, connectivity, high-performance, and reliability to the best and highest extent the cloud can offer.



We can provide with an optimised private network that guarantees application access at an accelerated speed for those private and hybrid hosted apps.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL can provide cheaper cloud services by virtualizing infrastructure. Your updating software, data center, maintenance and hardware costs are all increased by 80 percent, along with an increase in your profitability. This is a good thing for small firms and start-up enterprises alike.

You can scale as you go with cloud services. Once you have purchased your cloud server your service is then activated soon after. The bandwidth or the specifications of your server can be downgraded or upgraded immediately always and whenever you need them to be, they are both responsive and flexible.

48 data centers are operated across a total of 24 cities by TELEHOUSE. They are all situated in thirteen nations, but which offer the same top-notch service and consistent service.

Multi-layer redundancy and failovers are part and parcel of the cloud services that we offer, ensuring that downtime issues are less and less frequent. Round the clock engineering and technical service are provided but TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, which can ensure security and engineering support at every part of the day to ensure high-service standard, mission-critical data security, and quality reliability. As a Tier 3+ data center TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, offering  a service as a completely redundant 2(N+1) with a 99/999% uptime record can ensure safety and security, and confidence from our customers.

Carrier neutral access structure of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL can integrate the most important voice and data networks of the region while also giving customers alternative access solutions.

HP storage structure facilitates physically redundant disc capacity N+N redundancy. A cache structure over SD and RAID-5 discs bring about 100% continuity and allow the running of all storage layers.

Flexible virtualization platforms are used for the running of our cloud servers per cutting edge hardware infrastructure, they are kept and secured in TELEHOUSE’s data centers made and constructed according to worldwide protocols and standards.

Cloud services can increase capacity immediately and take the success and efficacy of your firm to the optimal level. Your capacity requirement can, with reporting and prior planning guarantee optimal efficiency.

On a 365/24 basis, support teams and specialized, highly-trained support teams guarantee that clients can facilitate, no matter their footprint, access at all times.

  • Uninterrupted access at all times
  • Unrestricted usage or callouts
  • Service engineers and technical support at all takes
  • Answering of your ticket within a quarter of an hour per our ticketing system.
Private CloudHybrid Cloud
When your most ımportant concern ıs securıty When you requıre each of them, to facılıtate access to your customers and ensure your data ıs protected.


What is Private Cloud?

Control and Security – Private Cloud Services

As the name suggests, the private cloud is utilized and places within particular safe parameters and boundaries totally monitored and managed through the users via a solitary firm.

Pushing the means and resources to the limit, safeguarding information and making it secure.

Don’t worry, we have kept the customer in mind when we designed and devised the private cloud. By using our dedicated cloud technology, you can safeguard and isolate your perimeter against attacks and hacks.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is focussed on ensuring your attention is concentrated on your business and its operations by taking care of you through our technical workers, expertise, powerful servers and monitoring systems.

Cloud Privacy: What Is It?

  • Shared servers, private and onsite
  • Customised tenant
  • Private networking connections, fiber connections and internet connections
  • Limitless scalability
  • Better performance level.


What is Hybrid Cloud?

Security and Access to Hybrid cloud services

Sensitive management and protection that facilitates both silos and pay-as-you-go applications while guaranteeing privacy.

Hybrid Cloud solutions have been devised to ensure that you are provided with both global responsiveness for efficacious corporate performance with highest levels of confidentiality.

Presenting a collection of dedicated servers, motoring systems, technical expertise and personnel, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides security and protection, as well as accessibility so you can conduct your corporation on a global scale.

Does The Hybrid Cloud Impact My Business And, If So, How?

  • Operational agility and greater flexibility: If you need to increase the level of your bandwidth then Scale up! Sale down if you have to lower your bandwidth –it’s as simple as that.
  • Disaster recovery: as the cloud is used to store all data, your corporation or firm need to be able to access these data always and everywhere, just in case a computer or computer device goes missing or is stolen. Remotely erasing data on these devices ensures that you can be assured that the information does not go into the wrong hands.
  • Better and enhanced Collaboration in the Workplace: Teams can access, share, and document data at all times and places and without limitation. Real-time updates ensure immediate service while preventing problematic and misleading email threads that leave you asking where the most recent version of a document is.
  • Virtual abilities in the virtual workplace: if you have access to the internet then you are in the workplace. Thanks to the cloud corporations and firms can now help their workers secure greater workplace flexibility without mitigating your business, its service, and its products.
  • Automatic Software Updates: You don’t have to concern yourself over completion and finishing updates. You can have servers that are remote and off the premises, essential updates for critical software performances are taken care of automatically for your peace of mind.
  • Greater competitive capacities: When we move into the operations in the cloud and all the benefits it provides, small and large corporations alike share the same and equal benefits. Indeed, small firms can run with the same efficacy and efficiency as larger firms through using pay-as-you-go services and business apps in the cloud.
  • A more sustainable and environmentally friendly option: The cloud means that your corporation’s bandwidth use can change, scale up and scaling down server capacity according to your needs, this ensures lower energy usage and greater ecological benefit.
  • Private on-premise infrastructure with direct access, meaning that access does not need the internet to push its content through, and so time is saved, the risk is reduced, and latency is lowered compared to the cloud used by the general public.
  • Average corporate workloads are supported through on-site computational infrastructure, though when failover occurs the potential to use and leverage the public cloud means that restrictions of the private cloud are not the limit for computational power.
  • Private and public components can be controlled to a greater extent.
  • Lower costs and reduced expenditure, you must have to pay for the additional computational time when the public cloud is accessed and utilized.
  • Server design flexibility: firms can secure higher flexibility though building hybrid cloud’s private ends, lower costs are incurred, and greater flexibility is attained through more expedient archival storage process.



We manage and deploy a pre-configured and virtual server, allowing you to spin up computational power and virtual machines though it does not demand the same management, labor-intensive demands on your workforce or investment and costs regarding hardware. Access to servers, storage, computing resources and networking all facilitated by IaaS. Furthermore, our data center contains networks and servers, and we are responsible for all the server physical equipment. Within a cloud infrastructure, the client is free to use their own platforms and applications.

  • Instead of purchasing hardware outright, you pay for IaaS on demand
  • Infrastructure is scalable depending on processing and storage needs
  • You can save the costs of buying and maintaining your own hardware
  • Because data is on the cloud, there is no single point of failure
  • Enables the virtualization of administrative tasks, freeing up time for other work

For those developers who are to allocate greater portions of their time testing, deploying and test their applications as opposed to handling task-centered duties and tasks like updating operating systems and managing security updates and patches. Through their service, a cloud environment that allows the user to manage delivery and further applications can be provided to you. Furthermore, clients are not able to utilize prebuilt suites of tools to customise, develop and trial their own applications.

  • PaaS provides a platform with tools to test, develop, and host applications in the same environment
  • Enables you to focus on development without having to worry about underlying infrastructure
  • We manage security, operating systems, server software, and backups
  • Facilitates collaborative work even if teams work remotely

Access to cloud-based software is provided by SaaS, applications aren’t installed by you through or using local systems and devices. Rather, the cloud is where the applications are kept and an API or the internet is used to access them. Data can be assessed and analyzed, kept and accessed through using this application; SaaS requires no maintenance, support, development, update or backing up when using the necessary software.

  • We provide you with software and applications on a subscription model
  • You do not have to manage, install, or upgrade software; we manage this
  • Data is secure in the cloud; equipment failure does not result in loss of data
  • Use of resources can be scaled depending on service needs
  • Applications are accessible from almost any Internet-connected device, from virtually anywhere in the world




You can buy the Cloud Server service tailor-made for your requests via website now with additional features. Or you can call us and have instant and professional support 444 12 99.


2 CORE  1.0 GB 20 GB  10 Mbps  25.00$
2 CORE 1.0 GB  25 GB  10 Mbps  26.00$
2 CORE 2.0 GB 50 GB 10 Mbps 37.00$
4 CORE 2.0 GB 60 GB 10 Mbps 53.00$
4 CORE  4.0 GB 70 GB 10 Mbps 67.00$
4 CORE 4.0 GB 80 GB 10 Mbps 69.00$
6 CORE 6.0 GB 100 GB 10 Mbps 99.00$
6 CORE 8.0 GB 110 GB 10 Mbps 113.00$
6 CORE 10.0 GB 140 GB 10 Mbps 131.00$
6 CORE  12.0 GB 200 GB  10 Mbps  155.00$


Virtualization Platform  VMware, Hyper-V
Operating System  Windows, Linux
SaaS  Microsoft Softwares
Control Panel Plesk, C-Panel
Processor 1-32 core
RAM 1-32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Disk Type  1GB HD 10.000 & 15.000 rpm SAS, 1GB HD SSD
DISK  20-1.000GB
Bandwidth (Unshared, nonquota)  10-100Mbps
Security Services DDoS protection, firewall protection, cloud backup


  • HP BLADE C700 servers
  • 100% redundant structure
  • SSD-speed performance
  • High IOPS values
  • Redundant storage structure
  • VMware and Hyper-v platforms
  • vSphere Web Client Disaster Recovery automation
  • OS, network layer, database monitoring
  • System monitoring and service performance graphics
  • 100% dedicated virtual servers
  • 99.9999% uptime guarantee
  • Fast installation, instant service activation
  • Multiple OS support including Linux, Windows and others
  • Modular structure, instant capacity increase
  • Customer-dedicated cloud environment
  • Disaster Recovery automation
  • Change and configuration management
  • Multiple IP allocation feature


Rather than having to pay higher costs upfront to procure the software you need, you are able to rent the licenses you want at a low monthly cost.

  • Windows Server Datacenter
  • Windows Server Standart
  • System Center Standart
  • System Center Data Center
  • SQL Standart SAL
  • Exchange Enterprise Plus
  • Remote Desktop
  • SQL Enterprise
  • SQL Standart
  • Exchange Enterprise
  • Exchange Basic
  • Visual Studio
  • Exchange Standart
  • Exchange Standart Plus
  • Windows Server Essentials
  • SQL Server Web Editions


5 steps for seamless TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL cloud integration
  1. You will work alongside our cloud engineers and architects to determine the best cloud strategy suitable for you so that your firm can grow, your businesses application needs are met according to the best cloud model for you.
  2. Cost reduction opportunities, budgets, better delivery of services, higher integration level, better budgeting and a greater level of autonomy in real-time working are facilitated.
  3. Virtual and physical infrastructure within an allocated data center choice for implementation and design for DR services backup.
  4. Security strategies and connectivity established throughout the development of the application and test environment release.
  5. Further assimilation and integration into the rest of the firm using on-premises databases and applications to optimise cloud technology potential.

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