Don’t Pay High Prices For Licensing

Licences are sometimes needed for your corporation at a low cost and an affordable rate. This is preferable to paying overly high fees to buy software on demand.

Therefore, at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, we provide Microsoft Server licenses, along with a variety of other licenses for client software, office applications, and operating systems. This stems from our status as a partner with Microsoft SPLA (Services Provider Licencing Agreement).

What Is SPLA?

Service providers and ISVs are able and free to license throughout a three-year agreement term monthly, Microsoft services and products if they have an SPLA; they can host applications and software programmes for all customers at a low-cost rate.

The SPLA of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is renewed on a three-year basis, and we can provide client software program, licensing for Microsoft servers, office applications, and other operating systems at affordable rates, to our clients and customers.


  • Low Initial Cost

Licences do not have to be bought and so expenses can be avoided; we send a monthly bill for all our services, at competitive rates, per the monthly license available.

  • Chance to Use Updated Version

State-of-the-art Microsoft licenses are employed and utilized so that all operations are updated, and any further expenses are not incurred when new versions are released. Automatic renewal of licenses is also provided.

  • Flexible Licensing Model

The nature and number of your licenses can be changed on demand. All you need to do is inform your customer representative of the request and your service will be updated within minutes. You only have to pay for the service and software you have to use through using this method.

  • Consistent Pricing

We provide a guaranteed price with our Licence Rental service, renewed every year. Therefore, there are no license price increases as a result of choosing the license rent mode, and you are able to determine your budget and keep costs to a minimum when planning and operating your business.

The following Microsoft Licenses are available to our customers:

  • Windows Server Datacenter
  • Windows Server Standart
  • System Center Standart
  • System Center Data Center
  • SQL Standart SAL
  • Exchange Enterprise Plus
  • Remote Desktop
  • SQL Enterprise
  • SQL Standart
  • Exchange Enterprise
  • Exchange Basic
  • Visual Studio
  • Exchange Standart
  • Exchange Standart Plus
  • Windows Server Essentials
  • SQL Server Web Editions


Please contact us if you are a cloud or colocation client and you wish to rent server licenses rather than make a purchase

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