TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides several services as part of its colocation services portfolio; we offer unlimited access team of skilled and well-trained engineers. Our intention is to facilitate equal or superior running and operating services regarding our in-house system while utilising your businesses’ workforce. This is the sole means by which one can experience the real advantages of colocation.

  • Availability on a 365/24 basis
  • Unlimited utilisation and callout services
  • Technical engineers and support access
  • Issues resolved in 15-20 minutes, on average.


Standard Features:
  1. We provide a thorough investigation when needed and determine the customer’s equipment alarm status
  2. Look into faults concerning the TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL circuits and system. PSUs, hard discs, RAM/memory equipment and other customer components when needed
  3. Repair or exchange any problematic or failing equipment, conduct reboots and other requests on request
  4. Resetting and rebooting services on request
  5. Assess and look into customer network problems when informed of issues by the client
  6. Communicate with the client concerning installations of circuits and equipment at their place of business.

Further Services

Within the TELEHOUSE data centre, you can use any expertise and specialised knowledge and skills we have available, as managed and delivered by our team. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn more about these services.


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