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Data protection in all and every sense demands to retain and maintain corporate continuity; this also demands the systematicity of ongoing operations. Difficult and problematic challenges stemming from problems with infrastructure can be profoundly damaging to your business, and therefore, among the main aims of business continuity is disaster recovery management, ensuring all your data is stored in a single, safe environment.

A duplicate of the overall system and either virtual or physical data storage, with data being retained in an off-site data center, is all part of the data recovery service. This ensures that your business operations can continue without interruption, without loss of data and without hindering your enterprise.

No time is a good time for your corporate operations to fail. Disaster recovery is offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, and so our range of data protection services using both our European-based data centers and the Istanbul Asian-zone center in Ankara all offer our data protection range.

Two kinds of data recovery solutions are provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL

1. Physical disaster recovery

Both the data and the system you use are replicated and stored on dedicated servers in one of our data centers.

2. Cloud disaster recovery

This service ensures that both the data and the service you use can be stored in cloud-based servers within one of our data centers.

The service entails no investment costs that need to be paid. All you have to do is pay for the resources you require. Furthermore, there are no fees or charges for unused services or unencountered situations. We use a pay-as-you-go model so that you can instantly secure and pay for the services you need.

TELEHOUSE Data Centres

We operate at a 99.9999% uptime reliability rate at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL DC, incorporating 2N+1 redundancy. This means that for every component of our infrastructure, there exists at least one more backup power source.

Telehouse Global Data Centre Network Map 1024x503 DISASTER RECOVERY

We offer you the best Disaster Recovery Plan that fits your need

Mother nature doesn’t warn you of what she’s about to do, nor does the man in the sky. So, we are aware of what services we need to provide so you can plan ahead and ensure that every eventuality is covered; at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, we cover all eventualities and have a comprehensive disaster backup plan.

We provide our clients with a complete-build power-protected and extra-secure solid and sound infrastructure as part of our disaster recovery plan. You can be sure you have the means and tools necessary to support you in the event of any unforeseen situation, with data restoration, management control and IT system services part of our portfolio.

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