With Cloud Storage, You Can Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Your Data, the most important and valuable of all your firm’s assets can be kept in a safe and secure location, along you access at all places and at any hour of the day.


Who is TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Cloud designed for?
  • For those firms that have legacy systems in place and want to get more out of virtualization
  • Essentially zero-downtime business critical applications
  • Greater integration means with newer systems and applications
  • Firms who require a guarantee that their data is stored in specifically allocated locations
  • Secure and demanding connections within a cloud platform
  • Capacity to expediently and rapidly increase the scope and magnitude of their corporation and capacity to expand virtual data.

You are more easily and securely able to store important data and information of your organization, including files, ideas, images and e-mails in the cloud; these are your most significant and valuable assets, and we store them in a location that is set aside for you and you alone.

Anytime access to data that has been stored in the cloud, as well as facilitating who you wish to access your data through the most state-of-the-art and contemporary service. Relevant people are able to see or revisit these data through the automated synchronization service.

Only those individuals who require corporate data, that is, those individuals who operate in the marketing, project management, and sales businesses can, with the use of the cloud and cloud services, provides accessibility to the most state-of-the-art data. For those who need to move around as part of their job, this service provides on-the-go data accessibility at all times and in any location. Notebooks, iPads, Android phones, MACs, Linux devices and any other computational device are able to access these data without delay in any location with internet connectivity.

Where is my data stored?

Before any CEO, IT manager or CIO decides to enter into a cloud partnership, the first question they need to pose is: where will my data be kept and stored? Data is your most important and valuable asset, and so it is the most important concern of your company. We ensure that your rights are kept the same while the technology you use to help your business is changed and kept brand-new.

The infrastructure provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL stores and keeps the data in physical servers located at our colocation plants. Furthermore, the same facilities are used for the virtual infrastructure. The virtual infrastructure is comprised of the SFF, SATA/SSD and SAS storage modules, the most state-of-the-art HP BLADE servers, and our CISCO networks’ tools and systems. High-performance and uninterrupted accessibility, as well as backed up data copies are all retained in the customer’s hands thereby reducing the vagueness and ambiguity concerning the actual location of the servers your data and you are utilizing.

You can Securely Back Up your data around the World

There are more than 48 Tier III+ TELEHOUSE data centres globally, incorporating a complex and multifaceted data network, therefore, you, as our client, are able to stay in charge of where your backup servers are located, which backup services you use, where and in which places you gain access to your data. Either a multiple site setup incorporating a number of nations or else a single secure location can be selected as the physical Data Centre for you and your data, and you are free to select one or several of our locations in 28 cities and urban centers worldwide.

To ensure the sovereignty and control of your data is not compromised, take these steps with
  1. Once you have decided to use TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL the provider to your cloud services, you can seek out data backup services from data centers belonging to TELEHOUSE at other global locations.
  2. You are informed of the specifications and characteristics of the virtual machines’ physical servers.
  3. Route of data travel and secure network
  4. Understand the national laws that are in a place where your servers are located and wherein your cloud services operate.
  5. Hosting confidential data is a specialty of ours
  6. Local knowledge and global competence for worldwide operations
  7. Rights of accessibility and policies and protocols for recovering data.
Cloud Storage Features
  • Backup and file sharing
  • Integrating into social media
  • Synchronisation is automatic
  • Every Device has access
  • Account management with security and flexibility
  • Simple installation
  • Language support in English
  • Other TELEHOUSE data centers located globally and capacity to secure backup services


Benefits of Cloud Storage

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, highly skilled engineering and support teams are at hand to ensure that our customers can always access the assistance they require, regardless of footprint.

–        24/7/365 availability

–        No restrictions on call out or usage

–        Access to both Technical Support and Service Engineers

–        Ticketing system – Your tickets is answered max. İn 15 minutes

Cloud Storage runs on flexible virtualization platforms with state-of-the-art technology hardware infrastructure and are securely stored in our Data Center designed according to global standards.

N+N redundancy is achieved with the HP storage structure,with physically redundant disc capacity. All storage layers are run by cache structuring over RAID 5 discs and SSD discs to provide 100% continuity.

Telehouse Istanbul provides 100% redundant nonstop access using four different domestic and two foreign internet operators.

TELEHOUSE operates 48 data center sites in 24 cities in 13 countries worldwide, delivering a consistent level of high quality services. You are able to get data backup service from other TELEHOUSE DC’s around the World.

With failover and multi-layer redundancy, our Cloud Services gives you fewer downtime problems. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL provides 24/7 technical and engineering support and security, to protect its customer mission-critical data and maintain its high standard of service and reliability. TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is a Tier 3+ Data Center which is fully redundant 2(N+1) and offer uptime SLA’s of 99.999%, providing peace of mind for our clients.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL; with its’ “Carrier-Neutral” Access Infrastructure is bringing together the region’s important data and voice networks, while it offers alternative access solutions to its clients.


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