Selecting TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL: A Good Corporate Partner

The first Data Center established by TEKNOTEL was TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, built at Kozyatagi trade center in Istanbul in March 2011. With the use of TELEHOUSE’s understanding and knowledge of the global communications and the DC business, and the local experience of TEKNOTEL, the Carrier Neutral Data Center is a world leader in the provision of managed ICT services, and Global Data Centers.

TEKNOTEL is responsible for supporting, maintaining its investment in TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, per the strict Global Standards of TELEHOUSE; making TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL the first example.

Global Data Center Footprint

A total of 48 Data Centers exist within the TELEHOUSE global footprint; this means that all customers and clients may be assisted, regardless of where they conduct their corporate businesses.
The most significant Traffic Centers (I/X) are these Carrier Data Centers are placed, ensuring that all of the clients and customers are ensured adaptable Data Center services of high security. Furthermore, the service is provided through one central headquarters, from which corporate continuity solutions are offered to the customers.


KDDI Ethernet Network & TELEHOUSE Interconnect

TELEHOUSE Interconnect assimilates over 3.000 corporate partners; it is among the leading providers with clients in the financial services, mobile and content, Carrier Neutral Data Center and enterprise fields. These firms are able to generate new and original corporate opportunities, both presently and prospectively, while also expediting the market process.

The Ethernet Network cables of KDDI are robust, manageable and cover several continents; indeed, they ensure that the various Data Centers of TELEHOUSE are connected to one another, facilitating access among them and creating a Worldwide data network. As a result, the customers of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL can choose to gain access to these global level services at all times and places.


Carrier Neutral Infrastructural Access

The region’s most significant voice and data networks are brought together with the Carrier Neutral Access Infrastructure provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, which is also able to facilitate and offer to its clients a range of different access solutions.
Mobile service providers, local carriers, the regions ISPs all comprise the Carrier Interconnect provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. Furthermore, major IP European and USA backbones, the Overseas Fibre Connections are also included.

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State of The Art And Cutting-Edge Data Center

The soundest and most reliable of all off-site IT solutions and communication facilities are demonstrated in the most advanced and cutting-edge way by TELEHOUSE. Indeed, further advantages such as redundancy up to 2N+1, environmental control, and high availability, as well as multi-layered physical security structures and fire suppression and detection are also provided.

Like every other one of TELEHOUSE Data Centers across the world, the most powerful, safe and sound infrastructure is provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. COLOCATION, CLOUD over HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACESSIBILITY and RACKSPACE. As a result of this, DC customers can be happy and confident when they place and increase the scope of their infrastructure and allow TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL to provide its high-quality services, power management, security and cooling solutions, regardless of whether they are local or global firms.

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Customer Service Commitment

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL has a wide customer base ranging from large corporations to small enterprises.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL measures service performance based on customer satisfaction and works towards delivering the highest customer TELEHOUSE service levels in the industry.

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