Since 1984, Teknotel Telekom has been leading the telecommunication sector in Turkey with its internet, data center and infrastructure provider functions. Teknotel Telekom offers integrated access solutions to meet the needs of SME’s.

KabloNet was founded by TEKNOTEL Group, the first Turkish company to establish broadband internet infrastructure in Turkey.


TEKNOTEL is one of the Turkey’s first ISP’s

Robust, Widespread and Secure Infrastructure

Users access TEKNOTEL’s POP sites located on 81 cities throughout Turkey by accessing the Internet in a special pool with various access routes, using terrestrial and wireless connections via the IP-MPLS structure.

With TEKNOTEL carrier neutral structure, corporate customers have access to various service providers. This infrastructure has different operators and provides a complete backup for organizations.

TEKNOTEL network is monitored by NOC personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the bandwidth is increased when the access capacity reaches an occupancy factor of 80%.

Backbone connections are redundant with fully automatic BGP-4 routing protocol.


TEKNOTEL Internet Services

TEKNOTEL Corporate Internet Services provides the best services for the customer needs with its Robust, Redundant with local and global backbone infrastructure. These services are;

  • Metro Ethernet
  • xDSL
  • MPLS
  • 3G / 4.5G BACK UP
  • Data Center Internet

You may call 444 1 299 to get in touch with our experienced sales specialists for detailed information about fast, flexible and secure internet access, meeting all capacity needs and communicating your requests.


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