We are happy and proud of our history of facilitating external and internal customer service at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL; we endlessly try and to ensure that we continue to increase the efficacy of our services and remain passionate about our ability to deliver them at high-quality. More than this, however, we see the benefit and the worth of our attainment in the customers and the clients we help and that this stems from providing them with the best and most appropriate tools and rewards for their future development, training and professional futures.

We are able to operate as a single, cooperative and familial unit when we recall and remember our values and principles.

We ensure, at our firm, to make ongoing and carefully planned investments in our workers and staff so that their development and skill-base helps to generate a proactive approach and work ethic and ensures all our employees are empowered in their roles.

We are determined and supportive of diverse workforces per our selection process and recruitment procedure. Depending on the various requirements for the job, we select the best candidate according to their abilities and capacities, while also being aware and attentive to their demands during the whole recruitment procedure.

The philosophy of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL and its human resources procedure using an autonomous and democratic process

At TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL we strive to ensure that all our workers are given the same chances and opportunities, ensuring that everyone’s rights are upheld throughout. Furthermore, we try to add value to our workforce and increase the efficacy of our systems simultaneously, keeping the morale and motivation of our employees at a high level throughout

We are able to facilitate the best environment possible, helping our workers reach their best potential through determining their performance with an objective eye, encouraging them adhere their skills to the job they applied for.

We ensure that we maintain respectful of our workers and clients as part of our human resources practice and procedure, indeed, we safeguard these virtues and ensure the confidence of our clients for every service we provide and all the applications we make.

This link can be followed so that you are able to find the most appropriate and relevant position according to your particular talents, certifications and education. The Human Resources Department will be responsible for processing your application and assessing your credentials; if they think you might be the right person for a position or a role they will contact you in due course. We keep all the applications for a period of time, just in case an opening or post comes up you may be suitable for or be interested in.



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