TELEHOUSE’s Global Standards

On the foundation and basis of premier and absolute dependability, commitment and reliability, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL has managed to develop a proven track record meeting our clients’ needs and maintaining standards for all our customers and their corporate aims and needs.

We have a 360-degree program as part of our compliance framework, one that incorporates environmental and corporate concerns and responsibilities, security responsibilities and quality standards. By utilising the largest standards portfolio on earth, the ISO, we are able to maintain and promote a culture of quality and have managed to compile an accreditations framework and guide so that every client is assured of the best and most cutting-edge solutions and technologies tailored to the needs and their business demands.

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL has a secure & powerfull infrastructure in Global standarts like all the TELEHOUSE Data Centers in Worldwide.

Quality Management System: ISO 9001

We adhere to the ISO 90001 standards for all of our services and products all accredited accordingly. A bilateral process is used to define and determine the rights and needs of our consumers to guarantee that every sector of our business is up-to-standard.

Client Needs

An internet DC server is provided per the ISO 9001 means that the client’s needs and demands be better understood and so that a quality standard that is beneficial to both parties is assured.

Quality Management system: ISO 9001

This is to guarantee that clients and the sectors we provide services at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL undertake a survey each year so that they can determine and quantify goals and objectives.

Accountability on an ongoing basis

Every worker and supplier at TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL needs to be responsible and accountable for all their agreements on an individual basis; thus, they need to meet and deliver the expected objectives per an official appraisal procedure.

Information Security Management System: ISO 27001

The Information Security Management ISO 27001 has been given and upheld by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL, this is an accreditation concerning the corporations’ core aspects and elements and ensures that all client’s and customer’s information remains sound and secure, so that our clines infrastructure remains operational and safe, we abide by many sector-specific requirements and standards.

The ISO 22301: 2012, concerning Corporate Continuity Management System procedure and processes is included in the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System.

Environmental Management: ISO 14001

At TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL we see value in the world and the natural environment, therefore, we have implemented ISO standards 14001 (Environmental Management) to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can

Environment Management Certification ISO 14001: 2004

It can be shown and proven per these standards that TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is determined per its sustainability and environmental aims, our measuring, management, and development of operational processes all facilitate efficient and high-quality communication regarding our company’s environmental feedback. We ensure that all our communications and attainments are communicated to one another as a conscientious mission critical services supplier so that our clients can utilise our services within and according to their environmental procedures and sustainability processes.


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