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1. DDoS Protection

Among the most challenging dangers demanding safeguarding and protection is a distributed denial of service attack; this is generally referred to as a DDoS attack. As a result of such an attack, firms can lose money and their good reputation.

As part of a DDoS attack, a huge amount of traffic is sent to servers, thereby creating service interruptions; these are the most problematic and hazardous kinds of attack. Unless you safeguard against them, the continuity of both your enterprise and your network can be endangered.

Using a DDoS protection system, such attacks can be safeguarded against, stopping them from being directed toward your network remotely using the Internet. ICMP, HTTP flooding, DNS and other TCN flag attacks can also be prevented using this precaution.


After striking a partnership with Verisign, TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL managed to secure the support of a world-leader in web-based security systems and processes. Now, in collaboration, DDoS attacks can be prevented through a solid and sound defense.

Complete and comprehensive protection is facilitated using the Verisign DDOs Protection service, which has a base in the cloud and can prevent DDoS attacks on a number of fronts, including safeguards against both application layer and network layer infiltrations and dangers. Zero-day, Layer three, four and seven attacks are all safeguarded against using this service, ensuring all that the networks of all TELEHOUSE clients remain safe.

The OpenHybrid™ architecture provided by Verisign allows firms and enterprises to integrate existing devices  onto their premises, as well as their platforms in the cloud to the DDoS protection service offered by Verisign. This means faster DDoS attach protection and mitigation.

For those clients with essential and crucial Internet-based applications, the DDoS service means that all colocation and cloud customers of TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL are protected, even without having to make further security investments. This allows our clients to complete corporate transactions without concern for dangers.


2. Managed Firewalls
2.1 TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Firewall UTM Services

A quality, integral and resolute set of security services, as well as data and system availability, can be assured at all levels with TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL.

An in-depth defense for your particular context and setting is assured with our firewalls, which can ensure a confidence and security through a unified threat management (UTM) application when needed. TELEHOUSE’s deployments are integrated entirely with the current network of your firm to ensure both network and infrastructural security.


Generally, unified threat management (UTM) applications are bought as part of a network appliance or a cloud server, and these facilitate several services such as protection from intrusion, spam/content filtering, antimalware, protection firewalls and VN capacities and series in a single, integrated package that may be updated and managed with ease after the initial installation. More advanced and specialized elements are also possible such as load balancing services, QoS (quality of service), identity centered or determined accessibility, intrusion safeguarding, SSH and SSL protection and application awareness within a single bundle.

2.2 TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL Firewall VPN Services

TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL also deploys VPN firewalls at your premises providing in-depth defense for your environment, utilizing Virtual Private Network (VPN) features to deliver increased peace of mind where required.

VPN firewalls are deployed by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL on location at the place of your business, therefore your setting and environment of work are safeguarded with the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) aspects and services; bringing you a greater peace of mind and sounder security.

Existing networks that you operate are also integrated into the deployments provided, and TELEHOUSE makes sure that your infrastructure and network is properly amalgamated into our services. Implementation of the VPN can be done over the Internet, MPLS cloud, private circuits or, indeed, any or all of these alternatives; this ensures optimised efficiency and uninterrupted service through load balancing and VPN backup.


3. Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)

The intrusion and detection system (IDS) is an attack detection system, a security solution that can monitor and manage all the traffic entering and travel through the Internet service with the use of IDA. This is able to note and highlight the attacks prior to them reaching the services themselves. Attack databases are maintained at many different places around the globe for recording and monitoring of attacks. All kinds of attack in the database are accounted for by the IDS, assessing and analyzing the kind of attacks there are, and whether or not they are responsible for preventing them.

The IPS, the Intrusion Prevention System, however, is able to sense the traffic on the Internet, detecting and stopping any probable attacks by blocking them before they can take effect. Firewall is used for the running of IDP/IPS systems.


Using IDS/IPS systems, TELEHOUSE can deploy a firewall with dedicated and specialized intrusion safeguarding or else deep inspection security, on-site, so that your business setting is safe and protected. The UTM features ensure that you can always be confident in the security of your assets.

Granular control, network visibility and a complete and thorough inline protection service are part of our network products, allowing us to prevent any application and network level attacks before they have a damaging impact. These services and protection products we supply are unparalleled in their network application and protocol insight, day-zero security thoroughly integrated management capacities and advanced prompting capabilities to ensure a closed-loop assessment and investigation. Whatever your existing network and security infrastructure is, we will be able to work within and with them through our deployments and series.


4. SSL-VPN Service

By using the SSL function, data and information can be encrypted. This is a commonly utilized tool and function on the web. Special software services or programmes are not required, and at home, in another country, and in your own nation you are protected through a very secure service.


Combining the IP-sec function and the broadly-utilized function on the web, the SSL function, the Manage SSL-VPN Service is a remote access service offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL.

A secure and cost-effective service is offered by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL. However, a similar remote access service is also provided to clients who are often required to be on the move. The service provided by TELEHOUSE ISTANBUL is unrestricted by applications. You may use web browsers to access, via our solution, all reputable corporate applications.

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All our customers are offered highly-secure service, especially now when security is more significant than it has ever been. We help you to assess and make a more secure and sound system.

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