22 Sep

5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies

Infrastructure, so data centers play a vital role in ensuring that the business operations run smoothly, efficiently and with low costs. Infrastructure systems constitute the basis of many activities performed by a large bank, including the retail operations. In this context, no matter how stable the existing infrastructure is, it shall also adapt to ambient conditions that are constantly changing and developing with the effect of digitalization.

Research shows that almost a third of the largest financial institutions operating in the UK have problems preparing the infrastructure they are currently using for new technology.

With the growth of businesses and the increase in their technical requirements in parallel with this growth, the improvement of the old system becomes costly for companies. On the other hand, the inadequacy of the existing system as a result of the increase in technical requirements in terms of infrastructure causes an increase in costs.

5 features that the infrastructure system shall have in order to provide advantages for the companies are:

  • Improved Functionality

More than a third of the UK’s largest finance companies that lead the industry in terms of information technology believe that artificial intelligence is the next big technological revolution.

With the artificial intelligence technologies that are expected to revolutionize every aspect of the sector, it is expected that businesses will perform their activities faster and with less costs, and that these developments will provide a contribution of 12 Trillion Euros to the global economy by 2030.Telehouse Blog 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies 3 300x250 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies

This increase in the use of artificial intelligence will bring along many new demands on the usage of data. Businesses will have to have high computing capacity in order to process the complex data and to comprehend this process that arises with the artificial intelligence. To ensure that the existing infrastructure systems can realize this new processing style, their standards shall be raised, however this shall reflect on companies as an extra cost. On the other hand, redesigning the existing infrastructure with each new development shall cause more damage to the process and cost management of the companies.

  • Low Operation Costs

To ensure that the existing infrastructure can respond to the changing requirements, its capacity shall be continuously increased. While this makes the process management of businesses more difficult, the maintenance of the applications also becomes more expensive.

On the other hand, working with data centers that provide services such as a public cloud or server hosting services is another way to keep your infrastructure up-to-date and available without the cost of the initial investment. Thanks to the use of a cloud-based system, companies may benefit from new technological applications such as APIs while saving the costs arising from the need to improve their existing infrastructure systems.

  • Scalability

If existing systems do not have the ability to scale, and this is true for many legacy systems, the company shall not keep up with the development of new business models and shall face problems in reaching its full potential. This brings up the “scalability” issue. On the other hand, if the main partners in a business’ network upgrade the infrastructure of their system, a misalignment of the systems that could cause harm to the overall results may occur.

However, working with the data center allows businesses to focus on their core competencies and business processes. Scaling should be performed by experts who can correctly manage the availability demand and the resources. In this way, companies shall minimize the failures that may arise from the inadequacy of infrastructure at the most critical times.Telehouse Blog 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies 4 e1600788673616 277x300 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies

  • High Security

Another negative aspect of legacy infrastructure systems is that it takes a long time to identify the security vulnerabilities in the system. When the legacy infrastructure systems were created, the security issue was pushed to the background while keeping functionality in the foreground. This renders company data vulnerable to malicious use.

Moreover, outsourcing providers such as data centers are designed to prevent both physical and digital security breaches.  It is known that providing legacy infrastructure systems the capability to protect data against security attacks causes very high costs per unit. In such a case, data centers with high security measures provide very low costs while they provide this service.

  • Central Integration Platform

The infrastructure service received from data centers enables this operation to be carried out from a single point, unlike the legacy infrastructure systems that hosted many servers and networks. The most important benefit of this is real-time monitoring of data transactions and the convenience of end-to-end management. Especially companies trading or performing transactions on the stock exchange shall prefer to benefit from this service in order to provide better and faster service for their customers.

So What Are the Advantages of Data Center Solutions?

Telehouse Blog 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for Companies 2 e1600788310536 300x199 5 Important Advantages Provided By the Updated Infrastructure for CompaniesWith the rapid growth of the use of artificial intelligence, companies began to face difficulties in meeting the new process, business process and consumer demands brought about by this new technological development. With these increasing demands, many companies started to turn to low-cost, fast and solution-oriented data centers.

Data centers are considered as a simple and secure solution that allows moving of in-house applications and processes to the cloud environment without facing high financial costs. In the next 2 years, it is expected that 48% of large companies, especially those providing financial services, shall manage their business processes through cloud technology. Data center providers provide a low-cost, purpose-built, secure and maintained infrastructure service through server hosting or public cloud services. Thus, all companies, regardless of their industry, may easily get support from data centers for the next big technological revolution called the “artificial intelligence”.

Right at this point, Teknetol Telekom comes into play with the professional Data Center services it offers. Teknotel produces the right solutions by providing a professional Cloud service for healthcare services that shall work securely and without interruption. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which has made it a tradition to provide quality and professional service at global standards, renders business processes smart while providing business continuity and no interruption guarantee with Cloud Services based on strong references.


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