09 Nov

Choosing A Data Center In E-Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

One of the primary aspects to be considered by companies operating in online commerce is the Personal Data Protection Law. E-commerce websites collect such information as personal, address, credit card, and contact information from their customers to analyze that information via artificial intelligence and big data tools and use it in their marketing and advertising activities to shape them according to consumer behavior. On the other hand, since the increase in the number of people that e-commerce companies provide services to means that the amount of personal information and data the companies maintain will also increase, being sensitive about the PDPL and data center will be essential steps.

Since e-commerce websites need to pay millions of TL as compensation penalties for data that is not processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, these websites tend to increase their Cloud Computing and Data Center investments for their PDPL liabilities. So, what are the points to be considered by e-commerce companies that want to store the data they collect in accordance with the PDPL while choosing a data center and cloud service provider?

  • A Solid Infrastructure

A solid infrastructure is the first thing to be conside

Telehouse Blog Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law 1 300x260 Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

red while choosing a data center. International TIER Standards can be seen as an important indicator at this point. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center of Teknotel has the data center assurance designed pursuant to the Tier 3+ standard and guarantees a 99.99% uptime. It also provides a reliable and professional service with its redundant electric, energy, and cooling infrastructure.

  • Security

In accordance with the PDPL, high amounts of administrative penalties are imposed on e-commerce companies if they do not fulfill their data security liabilities. Companies doing business in online commerce need to ensure that the data center they choose has the necessary certification and competencies against both physical and cyber-attacks and damages. Telehouse Istanbul has the security measures for fully-equipped electric security, air conditioning, and fire prevention on top of its Firewall and DDOS (attack prevention) certificates.

  • Availability

Data needs to be always available, and the e-commerce companies need to know where their data is in case of an unexpected interruption or any natural disaster. Because keeping the personal data obtained with the consent of users intact is one of the responsibilities of e-commerce companies as data controllers. Teknotel Telehouse Data Center perfectly meets the need of e-commerce companies for “availability” thanks to its professional and fast 24/7 support.

  • Experience

Although it is not a quantitative criterion, the experience data centers have is among the points to be considered by e-commerce companies while choosing a data center. Working with specialized data center service providers will enable companies to comply with a great number of requirements imposed by the PDPL. Telehouse Istanbul, established in 2011 as a result of the cooperation between Teknotel operating in telecommunications since 1984 and Telehouse, provides PDPL-compliant data center services in accordance with the needs of e-commerce companies with its services concept at global standards and immense experience.Telehouse Blog How Does Colocation Affect Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy 2 254x300 Choosing A Data Center In E Commerce Sector After the Personal Data Protection Law

While the Personal Data Protection Law is a rather new area in the Turkish legal system, it puts especially e-commerce companies under important responsibilities and liabilities in several aspects. With this new regulation, companies will face high amounts of administrative and compensation penalties if they fail to comply with the requirements with regards to the collection, processing, and storage of personal data.

In conclusion, Telehouse Istanbul Data Center by Teknotel committed to providing world-class, high-quality, and professional services not only offers business continuity and availability to the public and private organizations and institutions but also helps them fully comply with their PDPL-related liabilities.

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