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Cloud Trends that will Stand Out in 2021

Cloud technologies, which form the basis of the world economy beyond remote workforce and global supply chains, particularly with the pandemic, will continue to be an important target for companies that aim for more scalable, business continuity and cost advantages in 2021. Stating that the digital modernization which has gained momentum with the recent obligations will rapidly continue throughout 2021, IT experts say that Cloud will constitute the basis for companies that require more agility, and Cloud technologies will play a key role for companies, considering the improved accessibility, scalability and flexibility advantages. According to the research conducted by Cisco, 94% of the global workloads are expected to proceed through data centers.

Having started to take up a great place in our lives with technological developments and digital transformation, Cloud derives its power from software and hardware virtualization technology and its service-oriented easily manageable architecture. Cloud, which is under the close surveillance of small-scale companies as well as global-scale companies with multiple offices in its current state, is expected to continue to be the key element of success in 2021.

Here are Gartner’s predictions and prominent trends for Cloud technologies for 2021;

  • Global Public Cloud Market will Reach $120 Billion

Cloud, which has an ordinary growth rate, is expected to exhibit an aggressive growth trend due to the pandemic and reach $120 billion with an increase of 35%. According to the report shared by Gartner, the use of SaaS continues to dominate the majority in the market, while the market share is expected to reach $117.8 billion with an increase of 16%. Meanwhile, with the widespread use of the remote working model, the trend towards Cloud-based applications is expected to increase the use of PaaS by 26.6%, reaching $55.5 billion. Another forecast is that the IaaS spending will increase by 26.9%, reaching $65.3 billion.

  • Orchestration and Automation will Gain SpeedTelehouse Blog Colocation is a Must for a Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy 300x204 Cloud Trends that will Stand Out in 2021

As the management of interconnected services across applications and services becomes more complex in terms of quantity and quality, work on the automation and optimization of cloud platforms will continue to accelerate.

  • Cloud, Big Data and IoT To Come Together More

Especially with the acceleration of the efforts on automation, Cloud, Big Data and IoT will come together more and more in 2021. Given the importance of data for all companies, utilizing the cloud infrastructure and IoT opportunities for storing and effectively managing data can be considered as an inevitable outcome.

  • The Number of Companies with a Disaster Recovery Plan will Increase

The acceleration of digitalization brings along many advantages as well as disadvantages. In other words, the tough competition environment causes increasing downtime periods to lead to more costly consequences for companies every day. On the other hand, strict international and national laws and regulations for data storage and protection will cause more companies to prefer Cloud-based Disaster Recovery service.

As a result, the use of cloud computing solutions, which, in addition to being simple and scalable, offer advantages such as seamlessness, flexibility and cost savings, will continue its rising trend in 2021. However, a strong data center infrastructure is a must to be able to get the most out of Cloud.  In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center provides companies with uninterrupted business continuity through cloud services enabled by collaborations with global solution partners. This makes it possible for you to access your most important data anytime and anywhere without any interruption.

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