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How to Reduce Your Data Center Costs

In today’s circumstances where data is of great importance, continued existence of companies depend on their choosing data center solutions. In other words, it can be said that data center services whose importance is ever increasing have reached a point where they are needed by almost all institutions and brands.

In today’s world, where digitalization has become extremely important, all data is now transferred online. Data center solutions include tailor-made services for institutions developed in accordance with the global dynamics of the era to carry out processes such as data storage, processing and protection. Efficient and effective data center installation includes many technical architectural details, meeting the physical conditions required for installation is very costly.

Data Center Infrastructure and Cost Relationship

In the first stage, you need to arrange a location for the data center at a reasonable distance from the working sites meeting the necessary conditions. In addition to providing several requirements such as cooling systems, fire systems and energy infrastructure systems, a need for experienced personnel will arise for the data center to work continuously without interruption. However,it should be remembered that the maintenance and service expenses to be made every year will increase Data Center Installation Costs considerably.

How to Reduce Data Center Infrastructure Costs

The data center installation costs to arise within this scope may mean an additional burden in corporate terms. It is normal for companies to want to reduce the costs they will allocate for data center installation and services under the challenging conditions of competition. In order to save on data center cost, it is necessary to resort to outsourcing rather than installation. In other words, you can eliminate many cost items while starting to benefit from data center services rapidly by using leasing and hosting services. To sum up these services include;

Server Leasing transactions, also known as Dedicated Server, are among the services almost all companies resort to today. The service, which enables server use without the initial investment cost, can be tailored to operational and budget needs, while offering a cost-efficient experience in many respects.

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How to Reduce Your Data Center Costs

Unlike server leasing, Colocation refer to companies that have their own server receiving hosting services from the relevant service provider in order to connect their servers to the internet securely.

Both of the services mentioned above provide many advantages to businesses in terms of cost; however, with the technological developments reaching a dizzying speed, and inclusion of innovations such as big data and IoT in the business processes, the priorities of companies are shifting towards Cloud technologies.

Cloud technologies, which are considered a part of digital transformation, are effective methods to render innovation sustainable for the companies that closely follow digital transformation and new business models to stay in the game. Furthermore, while the companies that switch to Cloud applications are becoming no longer dependent on server and hardware investments, the need to upgrade or change the capacities of computers and existing systems will be eliminated.

A strong infrastructure is indispensable for making the most of cloud computing. In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center provides companies with uninterrupted business continuity through cloud services enabled by collaborations with global solution partners. This makes it possible for you to access your most important data anytime and anywhere without any interruption.

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