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Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Solutions!

Uninterrupted systems and data preservation should be one of your number one priorities for business continuity. Because even one single failure in your infrastructure can lead to irreversible consequences. A recent research revealed that almost 90 percent of companies that have lost data due to a disaster cease their operations in a few months. This being the case, alternatives such as Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery become essential solutions for the protection of your company data and IT applications. At this point, it is very important to know the difference between these two cloud technologies so as to get the most out of them.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery refers, in short, to the storage of your company critical data and applications in cloud and their protection against potential disasters. Disaster Recovery service keeps a copy of your overall system and duplicates data on cloud servers in order to ensure the continuous operation of your corporate applications and to prevent data loss. Disaster Recovery makes sure that the services available in your company’s system control room work smoothly in a remote medium in cloud without the risk of data loss or without being affected from any hardware failures or security vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Telehouse Istanbul’s Disaster Recovery

  • You won’t need a second physical storage area, and therefore there will also be no requirement to have any additional hardware or software programs.
  • You will easily perform scaling activities depending on your existing business processes and needs.
  • You will be able to back up your data and carry out other management processes whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • You will have the chance to store your data in more than one medium and thus minimize your risk of failure following a disaster.
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    Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is the backing up of your data on an external server via a general network. Cloud Backup will help you secure your data without causing any extra workload for your IT department and strengthen your data protection strategy. The backup process can take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in your desired time intervals.

Advantages of Telehouse Istanbul’s Cloud Backup

  • Fast configuration and easy installation
  • Automatic and complete backup
  • Immediate recovery
  • Zero data loss
  • Quick restoring
  • Advanced file transfer
  • Periodical reporting system
  • Flexible capacity management
  • Scaling

Compliance and Security Offered Together in Teknotel’s Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Services supported by “Veeam® Backup & Replication™.

Veeam which has the best solutions in the market when it comes to quickly accessing data after any interruption, offers numerous advantages in ensuring compliance with Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and other similar regulations thanks to its panels and reports for uninterrupted operations. With the Veeam-supported Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul solutions, you can guarantee the safety of your entire data and IT infrastructure, regardless of the location, in full backups against any disaster or loss incident.

Telehouse Istanbul provides companies with a professional cloud service and generates the right solutions for all of their business processes that should always work uninterruptedly. In accordance with its tradition of providing quality and professional services at global standards to many companies it interacts with during the daily life, Teknotel’s Tier 3+ Telehouse Istanbul Data Center offers uninterrupted business continuity through its cloud services with strong references and ensures that your data is kept safe as per KVKK.

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