08 Dec 2020

Colocation Is a “Must” for a Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The ever-improving IT technologies direct business practices and processes. Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Edge Computing and Cloud Technologies. Companies not only wish to benefit from the flexible structure and cost advantages of the cloud but also to preserve the quality of their existing IT infrastructures. The way for this is through “hybrid cloud“. According to Forrester Research, more than 65% of companies prefer to manage their applications and business processes over hybrid clouds. This rate is expected to surpass 90% by 2021. However, as the use of hybrid cloud became more widespread, the need of companies for operational solutions as colocation which they can use to benefit strategic workload allocation increase at the same rate.

According to a research by the International Data Group (IDG), almost 90% of the companies in Europe find the most difficulty in integrating their current systems with hybrid cloud-based applications within the process of transitioning to hybrid cloud. At this point, “colocation”, that is the service of “Colocation” lends a hand to these companies. Colocation is a perfect solution for companies who need to have as much control on their hardware as possible.

Because many companies, due to reasons such as pragmatism, security and risk management, prefer to have and utilize their own hardware, while opting to store their high-volume data in the general cloud area. Understandably, they also intend to establish a sustainable and secure connection between these two sets of data. This directs many companies to the solution of Colocation. One of the most important reasons for this is that Colocation has an important role in companies’ hybrid cloud strategy.

The fastest and most efficient way to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure is through collaboration with local data centers. Using a local data center to keep your hybrid cloud applications, which have many advantages for your company such as flexibility and agility in particular, will bring along many advantages including scaling, flexibility and ease of management. The other advantages of Colocation for your company and hybrid cloud strategy are

  • preventing overloads that may occur in your organization’s own network due to heavy traffic,
  • enabling continuous and high performance access,
  • removing costs regarding installation and operation load,
  • eliminating the need for high access investments,
  • savings, continuity and professional management.

As a result, choosing the correct data center has become critically important in terms of getting the most out of the hybrid cloud solution. At this point, Teknotel Telekom can help you with professional Data Center services. Offering a professional Hybrid Cloud service, Teknotel produces the right solution for all institutions which need to work securely and without interruptions. In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center makes business processes smart while providing companies with uninterrupted business continuity through the Cloud Services that are based on highly reliable references.

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16 Nov 2020

The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

Digital transformation, which was on the agenda of companies for a while, took its place at the heart of business life with the Covid-19 pandemic. The quarantine measures that have been implemented for a long time have not caused changes only in people’s consumption and working patterns. It also led to extensive transformations in companies’ way of doing business, priorities and so usage level of data center.

While the physical world is in a rapid digitalization period, a great number of concepts for automation, data archiving, and security like the “remote working model” gained importance. On the other hand, remote access, communication, performance, continuity, and video/teleconference systems become the primary agenda items of companies. And this highlighted the importance of cloud technologies and data centers once again.

“The Demand for Automation and Remote Management Systems in Data Centers Increased”

Last July, Uptime Institute researched the impacts of the Covid-19 on data centers with the participation of more than 300 data centers. According to this research, 94% of the participants stated that they expanded their measures in case of another possible pandemic and improved their business continuity measures and plans. Companies started to involve remote management systems like “remote hands” into their business strategies more to manage their data center services especially for the sake of business continuity and availability. While 90% of the participants stated that they would increase their automation and remote management usage in the data centers, 73% explained that they would speed up the automation processes in their facilities. On the other hand, 54% of the participants stated that they expected an increase in the number of investments of the data centers made in automation and monitoring systems compared to the previous periods.Teknotel Blog The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic 1 269x300 The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

The applicability of traditional back-up and disaster recovery methods used for data and infrastructure continuity in companies is gradually being replaced by cloud services after the pandemic. While there are numerous reasons behind this development, we can summarize the primary ones as business continuity, managerial convenience, security, and cost-saving to be achieved with scaling.

“Shift to Cloud and Data Center Services Gained Speed with the Pandemic”

In the Gartner Report published right before the pandemic, it is stated that the cloud computing and data center investments will be more than 300 billion dollars by the end of 2021, and SaaS investments will have a great share in these investments. Another projection from the same report is that SaaS investments, which almost reached 75 billion dollars in 2018, will be around 115 billion dollars by the end of 2021. However, in the new order established after the pandemic, it is considered that the demand for SaaS solutions to support new business models mainly like remote working will be greater than expected.

In conclusion, our personal and corporate lives are undergoing a significant transformation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The acceleration of digitalization made such matters as cybersecurity and communication network bandwidth more critical. Especially companies felt the need to review their priorities and update their action plans. With the implementation of new systems based on remote working in a broader sense, companies’ needs for data center services increased, and their shift to cloud systems gained speed.

Telehouse Istanbul Data Center by Teknotel guarantees a fully redundant and 99.99% uptime and meets the needs of all organizations and institutions operating in the healthcare industry with its world-class, high-quality, and professional services. Telehouse Istanbul ensures business continuity and availability with its services provided in cooperation with global solution partners while its solution partner, Veeam, prevents data loss by promptly responding to the problems met.

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28 Oct 2020

Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We talked about the digital transformation dynamics in Turkey and the objectives of Telehouse Istanbul Data Center with the CIO of Teknotel, Mehmet Komaz.

– What distinguishes Telehouse Istanbul from other data centers?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, meet the IT infrastructure and data center needs of various international companies at the local and global scale. Digital transformation and availability in business processes are among our top priorities. Therefore, the infrastructure of Telehouse Istanbul is powered by the best security, air conditioning, and energy management solutions just like the other Telehouse facilities around the world.

In addition, Telehouse Istanbul is distinguished from other data centers with its title as the first Carrier Neutral data center in Turkey. Numerous international companies including Compatel, PayPal, Hitachi Kokusai, Fuji Television Network, JBIC, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyota, China Telecom, HGC, NHK, Entrada, Avanti, Summit Steel Turkey, and Game-Hosting, which realize the importance of these two features, prefer to work with us for many years.

The most important feature that distinguishes us from others is our efforts to keep dynamic all the services we provide by always considering customer satisfaction as our top priority in an artificial-intelligence-based innovative, efficient, and secure environment. On top of that, we develop sustainable innovative solutions not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

– Can you tell us about the Data Center network of KDDI and Telehouse Istanbul’s position within this network?Telehouse DC Map Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We offer availability and speed to our customers in Telehouse Istanbul that we established in 2011 as Turkey’s first Carrier Neutral data center as a result of our cooperation with TELEHOUSE, the leading provider of global data center and ICT services. It was founded with our own investment and in accordance with the global standards of Telehouse, the global data center partner of KDDI. In that sense, we can say that Telehouse Istanbul is the first in the data center network of Telehouse including 48 data centers.

KDDI’s safe and manageable intercontinental network enables all Telehouse Data Centers to access one another to form a Global Data Center network.  This way, Telehouse Istanbul customers can access the services anywhere around the world and receive services at global standards.

– You are the first Cloud Service Provider of VMware in Turkey. How is this reflected in the services you provide?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, keep ourselves updated on the latest data center innovations and constantly improve our hardware infrastructure according to the cutting edge technology.

With this motivation, we provide our services as VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and Veeam Cloud Provider, being one of the anchor points of reliable and uninterrupted cloud infrastructure. Also, we are the first VMware cloud service provides in Turkey. Thanks to the infrastructure and fiber optic connections that we established independent of operators, we provide all our services through quality infrastructure systems at the corporate scale. In addition, all of our services are offered at the Tier 3+ standards, which ensures the highest data center standards, and in combination with redundancy options up to 2N+1.

– What kind of services do you offer at Teknotel?

We provide professional, reliable, and uninterrupted Data Center services by specializing with Cisco, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, and Veeam Cloud Provider partnerships. We have a large service portfolio including Point-To-Point Internet, Metro Ethernet Internet, Cloud, Colocation, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Exchange Service, annual on-site maintenance, network setup, and cybersecurity on top of 24/7 Technical Support.

But our primary goal here is to lead the way with our innovative service concept. Telehouse Istanbul, which aims to offer the latest and sound technologies in the rapidly-changing world of technology, guarantees efficiency and availability for companies with its on-point service and solution components to meet the changing technological needs.

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30 Sep 2020

Why Are the Uptime Times So Important

Internet access is one of the most critical issues today. While uninterrupted internet is important even for us as end users, this is also of great importance for businesses in terms of their reputation and competitiveness. Companies need to make serious investments in their system infrastructures in order to achieve this ideal no interruption condition. This brings the concept of “five 9s“, that is, 99.999% access capability.

Companies have started to update their Cloud and Data Center strategies to maintain customer loyalty in all regions where they operate as their fields of operation has become global. The maximum uptime requirement is one of the primary requirements for businesses operating in every industry, regardless of the fact that their operations are B2B or B2C. Most international businesses need to work with data centers that provide Tier 3 standard to gain access to their customer base, distributed workforce, services and applications.  In order to understand why data center uptime is so important for global companies, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the data centers that provide Tier 3 standards and to know what Tier Standards are.

What is the Tier Standard?

The Tier standard is the categories created by the Uptime Institute to accurately evaluate the data center infrastructure as per the system availability and the requirements of a business. The details of this classification, which offers Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4, are as follows;Telehouse Why Are the Uptime Times So important2 300x200 Why Are the Uptime Times So Important

  • Tier 1: Refers to the standards offered by the data centers that generally serve small businesses. There is no backup of computer systems, electrical and mechanical installations. It has an estimated availability of 99.676%.
  • Tier 2: Partially has energy and cooling systems. It can withstand a 24-hour power failure using a generator. Offers an estimated availability of 99.741%.
  • Tier 3: Has a back-up power network and it can withstand a 72-hour failure. It also offers an estimated availability of 99.982%.
  • Tier 4: In addition to all Tier 3 criteria, it can withstand to 96 hours of failure. It has staff working around the clock and high security measures.

Why is the Tier 3 Standard Important?

A data center with Tier 3 standard has 2 different power distribution channels to ensure that you can continue your operations without interruption and your current data is not lost. This means that each cabinet has more than one uninterruptible power supply. On the other hand, it is equipped with generator and cooling systems to ensure reliable operation processes against any power failure. These seemingly redundant measures are critical for companies that have a worldwide business and workforce network and that serve an equally large customer base. Realizing this condition, many businesses try to benefit from IoT, i.e. internet of things, in many areas such as creating a high level of customer experience, monitoring and effective management of business processes, production and distribution. Utilization of widespread cloud services and data center services with Tier 3 standards may be referred as the most effective way to adapt to this digital transformation process.

Another advantage of having data center services offering the best and up-to-date standards is that it protects your workflow processes against human-induced errors or disruptions that may occur due to possible natural disasters, and allows you to continue without interruption. On the other hand, the fact that they have a Disaster Recovery plan against cyber attacks, which are one of the biggest dangers of the digital age, increases the importance of the data centers offering Tier 3 standard. In this way, you can access your data after any natural disaster or error that may occur, and continue your work without losing any data.

Finding a partner such as Telehouse Istanbul that provides full back-up and guarantees 99.999% uptime in their SLAs is especially important for companies operating internationally. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center of Teknotel, which offers Tier 3+ standards and has made it a tradition to provide a quality and professional service, provides business continuity and uninterrupted operation to the institutions thanks to the services it offers in cooperation with its global solution partners.

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27 Jul 2020

Physical Measures in Data Centers

As the trend of storing information on the internet environment gained momentum, the high security measures implemented in data centers have become a commonly raised topic. Every company working with a data center for hosting of their CT infrastructure and applications wants to make sure that any physical and cyber security measures are taken for the security of their data. Because data center security is crucial for the professional use of corporate information technologies in today’s competitive environment. However, cyber security measures are not sufficient for safe storage and management of data. The integrity, accessibility and security of data are ensured by uninterrupted security checks in addition to administrative and technical measures. As part of this, it is essential that the physical measures taken for data center security be in compliance with Data Center Security Standards and audited by both international and local audit institutions.

It is easy to evaluate some of these physical measures. For instance, a data center should be positioned in a central location. That is to say, the data center should be not only located in an easily accessible/central location, but also far from airports, power plants, fault lines, chemical facilities, and other areas where natural disasters may occur.

Other physical precautions that should be in place in the data center and that are vital for data security can be classified into three;

  • Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems

First of all, data centers should be specially climatized places where heat and humidity are checked and it is made sure that the power source works uninterruptedly. In addition to being cooled in a controlled manner, they also need to be air-conditioned in accordance with the conditions set by international standards. Because the IT equipment in the data center such as storage/back-up devices and network components should be kept under certain temperature values in places meeting humidity, air flow, temperature and air purification conditions. Otherwise, these devices that are constantly operating may breakdown due to the heat they produce and their increasing number as a result of the growth in business volume. This in turn, brings about repeated interruptions in business continuity, and even cessation of operations.

New methods are being developed in addition to conventional systems in data center cooling processes, and development of sophisticated cooling and air-conditioning systems will be beneficial in terms lowering power consumption. Thus, high performance can be achieved while saving on energy costs.Telehouse Blog Physical Measures in Data Centers 2 300x300 Physical Measures in Data Centers

  • Energy Management

Achieving high performance in data centers and not incurring data loss depends on meeting some essential requirements such as continuity of systems and resistance to problems. This is ensured by controlling the energy consumption amount and the energy consumed. To achieve energy-efficiency on the right level, it should be first determined by what system or devices and in what way the energy is consumed. It is known that air conditioning systems are responsible for most of the energy consumption in data centers. Therefore, it is important to determine and follow-up the energy consumed for air conditioning, and take the consumption other than what is planned under control.

  • Fire Measures

Fire is one of the worst case scenarios that may be experienced by a data center. Therefore determining the fire extinguishing system and the procedures to be followed is indispensable for each data center. Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center is continuously monitored by a two-stage and completely addressable fire detection system against both underground and in-room fires. Thanks to the local detection and intervention feature, the exact location of the problem in our systems is determined and quick intervention is made.

  • Connection

Thanks to its “Carrier Neutral” structure, Telehouse Istanbul offers its customers freedom of access to internet service providers (ISPs), carriers, application developers, companies and institutions. Telehouse Istanbul offers its customers fiber optic connection infrastructure over five different operators.

At Telehouse Istanbul, where data center services are provided along with many privileged services, power, AC, fire/flood protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures are provided to the highest level possible, just as with all other Telehouse establishments around the world. It does not cause overconsumption of energy. Your data is kept securely in our services stored in our data centers. Thus, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center serves as a barrier for your business continuity against possible mishaps and continues to develop environmentally conscious plans, aiming to work in total harmony with nature.

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29 Jun 2020

Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Solutions!

Uninterrupted systems and data preservation should be one of your number one priorities for business continuity. Because even one single failure in your infrastructure can lead to irreversible consequences. A recent research revealed that almost 90 percent of companies that have lost data due to a disaster cease their operations in a few months. This being the case, alternatives such as Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery become essential solutions for the protection of your company data and IT applications. At this point, it is very important to know the difference between these two cloud technologies so as to get the most out of them.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery refers, in short, to the storage of your company critical data and applications in cloud and their protection against potential disasters. Disaster Recovery service keeps a copy of your overall system and duplicates data on cloud servers in order to ensure the continuous operation of your corporate applications and to prevent data loss. Disaster Recovery makes sure that the services available in your company’s system control room work smoothly in a remote medium in cloud without the risk of data loss or without being affected from any hardware failures or security vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Telehouse Istanbul’s Disaster Recovery

  • You won’t need a second physical storage area, and therefore there will also be no requirement to have any additional hardware or software programs.
  • You will easily perform scaling activities depending on your existing business processes and needs.
  • You will be able to back up your data and carry out other management processes whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • You will have the chance to store your data in more than one medium and thus minimize your risk of failure following a disaster.
    Telehouse Istanbul Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions 1 e1593436722141 300x246 Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Solutions!

    Meet Telehouse Istanbul’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup is the backing up of your data on an external server via a general network. Cloud Backup will help you secure your data without causing any extra workload for your IT department and strengthen your data protection strategy. The backup process can take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in your desired time intervals.

Advantages of Telehouse Istanbul’s Cloud Backup

  • Fast configuration and easy installation
  • Automatic and complete backup
  • Immediate recovery
  • Zero data loss
  • Quick restoring
  • Advanced file transfer
  • Periodical reporting system
  • Flexible capacity management
  • Scaling

Compliance and Security Offered Together in Teknotel’s Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup Services supported by “Veeam® Backup & Replication™.

Veeam which has the best solutions in the market when it comes to quickly accessing data after any interruption, offers numerous advantages in ensuring compliance with Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and other similar regulations thanks to its panels and reports for uninterrupted operations. With the Veeam-supported Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul solutions, you can guarantee the safety of your entire data and IT infrastructure, regardless of the location, in full backups against any disaster or loss incident.

Telehouse Istanbul provides companies with a professional cloud service and generates the right solutions for all of their business processes that should always work uninterruptedly. In accordance with its tradition of providing quality and professional services at global standards to many companies it interacts with during the daily life, Teknotel’s Tier 3+ Telehouse Istanbul Data Center offers uninterrupted business continuity through its cloud services with strong references and ensures that your data is kept safe as per KVKK.

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