28 Oct

Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We talked about the digital transformation dynamics in Turkey and the objectives of Telehouse Istanbul Data Center with the CIO of Teknotel, Mehmet Komaz.

– What distinguishes Telehouse Istanbul from other data centers?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, meet the IT infrastructure and data center needs of various international companies at the local and global scale. Digital transformation and availability in business processes are among our top priorities. Therefore, the infrastructure of Telehouse Istanbul is powered by the best security, air conditioning, and energy management solutions just like the other Telehouse facilities around the world.

In addition, Telehouse Istanbul is distinguished from other data centers with its title as the first Carrier Neutral data center in Turkey. Numerous international companies including Compatel, PayPal, Hitachi Kokusai, Fuji Television Network, JBIC, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyota, China Telecom, HGC, NHK, Entrada, Avanti, Summit Steel Turkey, and Game-Hosting, which realize the importance of these two features, prefer to work with us for many years.

The most important feature that distinguishes us from others is our efforts to keep dynamic all the services we provide by always considering customer satisfaction as our top priority in an artificial-intelligence-based innovative, efficient, and secure environment. On top of that, we develop sustainable innovative solutions not only for today but for tomorrow as well.

– Can you tell us about the Data Center network of KDDI and Telehouse Istanbul’s position within this network?Telehouse DC Map Data from All Around the World is Gathered in Kozyatağı, Istanbul

We offer availability and speed to our customers in Telehouse Istanbul that we established in 2011 as Turkey’s first Carrier Neutral data center as a result of our cooperation with TELEHOUSE, the leading provider of global data center and ICT services. It was founded with our own investment and in accordance with the global standards of Telehouse, the global data center partner of KDDI. In that sense, we can say that Telehouse Istanbul is the first in the data center network of Telehouse including 48 data centers.

KDDI’s safe and manageable intercontinental network enables all Telehouse Data Centers to access one another to form a Global Data Center network.  This way, Telehouse Istanbul customers can access the services anywhere around the world and receive services at global standards.

– You are the first Cloud Service Provider of VMware in Turkey. How is this reflected in the services you provide?

We, as Telehouse Istanbul, keep ourselves updated on the latest data center innovations and constantly improve our hardware infrastructure according to the cutting edge technology.

With this motivation, we provide our services as VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and Veeam Cloud Provider, being one of the anchor points of reliable and uninterrupted cloud infrastructure. Also, we are the first VMware cloud service provides in Turkey. Thanks to the infrastructure and fiber optic connections that we established independent of operators, we provide all our services through quality infrastructure systems at the corporate scale. In addition, all of our services are offered at the Tier 3+ standards, which ensures the highest data center standards, and in combination with redundancy options up to 2N+1.

– What kind of services do you offer at Teknotel?

We provide professional, reliable, and uninterrupted Data Center services by specializing with Cisco, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider, and Veeam Cloud Provider partnerships. We have a large service portfolio including Point-To-Point Internet, Metro Ethernet Internet, Cloud, Colocation, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Exchange Service, annual on-site maintenance, network setup, and cybersecurity on top of 24/7 Technical Support.

But our primary goal here is to lead the way with our innovative service concept. Telehouse Istanbul, which aims to offer the latest and sound technologies in the rapidly-changing world of technology, guarantees efficiency and availability for companies with its on-point service and solution components to meet the changing technological needs.

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