16 Nov

The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

Digital transformation, which was on the agenda of companies for a while, took its place at the heart of business life with the Covid-19 pandemic. The quarantine measures that have been implemented for a long time have not caused changes only in people’s consumption and working patterns. It also led to extensive transformations in companies’ way of doing business, priorities and so usage level of data center.

While the physical world is in a rapid digitalization period, a great number of concepts for automation, data archiving, and security like the “remote working model” gained importance. On the other hand, remote access, communication, performance, continuity, and video/teleconference systems become the primary agenda items of companies. And this highlighted the importance of cloud technologies and data centers once again.

“The Demand for Automation and Remote Management Systems in Data Centers Increased”

Last July, Uptime Institute researched the impacts of the Covid-19 on data centers with the participation of more than 300 data centers. According to this research, 94% of the participants stated that they expanded their measures in case of another possible pandemic and improved their business continuity measures and plans. Companies started to involve remote management systems like “remote hands” into their business strategies more to manage their data center services especially for the sake of business continuity and availability. While 90% of the participants stated that they would increase their automation and remote management usage in the data centers, 73% explained that they would speed up the automation processes in their facilities. On the other hand, 54% of the participants stated that they expected an increase in the number of investments of the data centers made in automation and monitoring systems compared to the previous periods.Teknotel Blog The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic 1 269x300 The Demand for Data Centers Grows with the Pandemic

The applicability of traditional back-up and disaster recovery methods used for data and infrastructure continuity in companies is gradually being replaced by cloud services after the pandemic. While there are numerous reasons behind this development, we can summarize the primary ones as business continuity, managerial convenience, security, and cost-saving to be achieved with scaling.

“Shift to Cloud and Data Center Services Gained Speed with the Pandemic”

In the Gartner Report published right before the pandemic, it is stated that the cloud computing and data center investments will be more than 300 billion dollars by the end of 2021, and SaaS investments will have a great share in these investments. Another projection from the same report is that SaaS investments, which almost reached 75 billion dollars in 2018, will be around 115 billion dollars by the end of 2021. However, in the new order established after the pandemic, it is considered that the demand for SaaS solutions to support new business models mainly like remote working will be greater than expected.

In conclusion, our personal and corporate lives are undergoing a significant transformation as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The acceleration of digitalization made such matters as cybersecurity and communication network bandwidth more critical. Especially companies felt the need to review their priorities and update their action plans. With the implementation of new systems based on remote working in a broader sense, companies’ needs for data center services increased, and their shift to cloud systems gained speed.

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