12 Oct

Professional Colocation Services: Telehouse Istanbul

Colocation, in other words, “Colocation”, refers to a professional data center service in short. It specifies keeping the server belonging to the user in the active data center with the colocation feature. Colocation service, designed to minimize the energy expenditures, provides the companies a fast and uninterrupted access.

Colocation service is one of the most preferred options for companies that do not prefer to have a data center within their own body, apart from cloud services. According to the recently published Global Data Center and Colocation Market Research, the Colocation market is expected to reach $ 63 billion with an annual growth rate of 14% by 2023.

Investing in Digital Systems is a Necessity

Investing in digital systems has become a necessity for all companies, whether large or medium-sized. Colocation investments may be considered as one of the suitable investment tools for companies that want to manage their business applications professionally and quickly. Colocation allows an IT department to protect its hardware without the burden of managing a data center. Companies that provide Colocation services provide cost advantages from many points such as maintenance, security, uninterrupted internet, power and cooling infrastructure, auxiliary software and IT staff.

Telehouse Professional Colocation Services Telehouse istanbul e1602502086310 Professional Colocation Services: Telehouse IstanbulAnother advantage of Colocation is the opportunity to access a wide variety of additional services such as disaster recovery, cyber security and cloud technology. In other words, it will create a great opportunity for a company that receives Colocation services to purchase other data center or cloud infrastructure services if they require.

Today, businesses often prefer to manage their on-site and off-site applications over public and private cloud services. Moving data and applications between two different cloud environments is a very important process. This also requires a very complex IT infrastructure. With the Colocation service, companies will save time and costs as the workload of the IT department shall decrease in terms of this issue.

Speed ​​Up Your Company’s Digital Transformation Process with Colocation Service!

Another advantage of the Colocation service is that it provides flexibility and speed to the companies through the digital transformation process. Businesses have to keep up with changing market demands and customer expectations quickly. In other words, they need to integrate solutions that shall eliminate problems such as overloading and access problems caused by heavy traffic in their digital networks into their business processes. With Colocation services, constant disruption of business processes and heavy traffic problems shall be eliminated. On the other hand, with Colocation services, the cost of operating a data center shall be eliminated, and getting professional support in line with international standards provides an advantage for the companies in terms of data security.

So what directs companies to Colocation services?

  • Failure of companies to take responsibility for data they need to store and manage securely, or their lack of sufficient server capacity.
  • Requirement to receive professional service in terms of compliance with regulations covering data privacy and security such as LPPD,
  • Requirement for high speed and flexibility in order to meet constantly changing customer demands and expectations,
  • In parallel with digital transformation, the requirement of existing IT infrastructure to have the capacity to respond to new market strategies,
  • Requirement for professional service in data center security, management, disaster recovery and IT personnel,
  • Provision of high quality IT infrastructure at low costs, especially for small-scale companies.

Teknotel produces the right solutions by providing professional Data Center and Cloud services for smart businesses that need to operate without interruption. The privileged features of Teknotel Telekom allow medium and large-scale Turkish companies that require an effective strategy to get professional solutions. Thus, Teknotel Telekom offers the benefits of being a local data center at global standards, together with its technological and integrated solution partners, by serving its customers in an innovative, effective and reliable environment.

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