02 Nov

What is CDN and Why Is It Important?

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. Each CDN server, which is created from the server networks called PoPs, is located at different points around the world. In that sense, we can say that CDN is a server network system that publishes the static content of a website like HTML pages, CSS pages, JavaScript files, images, etc. through the closest CDN server to the visitor and thus, enables the website to work faster.

If you are using a CDN service for your website or applications, the CDN will connect to the closest server to the end user when he/she requests to load the content on your website or application. This way, your visitors will access the content they like in a matter of seconds and have a positive user experience.

Who should use CDN?

CDN can be used by anyone who wants to lighten the burden on their websites at any scale and offer their users high-speed access. CDN, which is currently preferred by websites that do international webcasting, gaming companies, or global e-commerce websites, provides various advantages for websites like quick access.

However, if you have a website visited by users all around the world, using a CDN is almost a necessity for you. Because the connection speed between the country you are in and some other countries may be slow. If so, the CDN technology has a lot more to offer for you on top of the quick loading of your content.

What Are the Advantages of Using CDN?

Such content on your website as audio files, images, and videos, which takes up a great deal of space, are transmitted statically. And using a CDN helps you to optimize your website’s performance by increasing its loading speed. Other advantages of the Content Delivery Network can be listed as follows:

  • Your website’s speed will be increased thanks to its compression, location, and optimization technology.
  • Since your website’s speed is an important criterion for SEO studies, your website’s visibility will be improved with CDN usage, and you will be at the top in search engine rankings.
  • You will avoid server-related latency cases as the traffic load on your website will be decreased. This way, your server can respond to requests faster, and your hosting expenses will decrease.
  • CDN with advanced security options protects your website against DDoS attacks and spamming.
  • It optimizes instant traffic overloads occurring especially on special days and during campaigns. By this means, your services will continue without interruption.

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