31 Aug

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul – II

In order to utilize an information technology infrastructure which works effectively and without interruption against any threat, data center solutions must be outsourced to a professional solution provider working at global standards. In the first chapter of our trilogy of articles, we mentioned Strong Network Structure, High Uptime and Energy Capacity as the elements to take into account when selecting a data center, and the benefits of Telehouse Istanbul in this area. In the second chapter, we will focus on Air Conditioning Systems and Physical Security Measures.

4 – Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Data centers must be areas where temperature and humidity are under constant control and the source of electricity is stable and uninterrupted. This is because IT equipment such as storage devices, backup devices, network components and hosts in data centers come with requirements in terms of cooling, humidity flow and air cleaning to manufacturer specifications. In other words, the expanding work load of these devices, which work 24/7, the heat that they produce and their increasing numbers makes it a necessity to sensitively regulate the air conditions of their environment. Telehouse Istanbul provides data services in an ideally regulated environment in this regard. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center uses cutting edge air conditioning systems beside conventional, where all systems work without interruption and with 2N+1 backup solution. Therefore your work remains unaffected and uninterrupted in case of any crises or shortages. This also decreases your annual energy utilization costs, while increasing hardware performance.

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Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul

5 – Physical Security Measures

The integrity, accessibility and security of the data center are ensured by uninterrupted security checks in addition to administrative and technical measures. Physical security measures necessary in a data center, which carry crucial importance for the security of your data, encompass many factors such as the physical location of the facility where the data center is located, prediction of potential threats, access control systems, measures against natural disasters such as fire, earthquake and flood, and also compliance to regulations.

Certified with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center knows what problems the 7/24 online companies in every part of the globe might encounter and produces tailored solutions. Providing Tier3+ level data center assurance, which includes backed up electricity, energy and cooling measures, Telehouse Istanbul can resist 72 hours long of interruptions without any need of external intervention, at the same time providing 99.999% usability.

Uninterrupted Access with Cutting Edge Security Measures

Located in Kozyatağı, one of the more important and busier commercial centers in İstanbul, right at the metro exit, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center provides uninterrupted access with cutting edge security measures and is a pioneer in the industry with high-level measures in terms of physical security.

At Telehouse Istanbul, where data center services are provided along with many privileged services such as Cloud and Corporate Internet, power, AC, fire/flood, earthquake protection and electronic/physical security infrastructures are provided to the highest level possible, just as with all other Telehouse establishments around the world. Your data and IT infrastructure are securely stored in our Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, while you enjoy cutting down on your electricity costs.

In the last chapter of our trilogy we will continue to explain the elements which you should look for in a company which you consider to outsource data center services and which are closely related to corporate operations in your company. We will also mention the unique advantages of the world-standard professional services of Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center.

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