11 Sep

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul – III

In today’s world where most industries take shape around technology, only those companies that use the technology in the best way possible get the chance to succeed in these new sectors. The recent wave of digital transformation efforts not only improved systems but also drove IT infrastructures into a rapid change. Hence, cloud and data center technologies have become one of the most important agenda items for companies. This brings the question of what matters to take into account when selecting which data center to utilize. In the last chapter of our trilogy we will mention the elements which play critical roles in companies’ selection processes for a data center, and why Telehouse İstanbul should be the first choice for data center services.

6 – Cloud Backup Service

Backing up is critically important to protect applications and data stored in data centers. In short, data center service means storing your files in an external source, thanks to which any case where your data accidentally becomes unavailable will not pose a problem since you can access your externally stored backup in a very short amount of time. This gets cloud backup services into the list of criteria which you need to take note of when selecting your data center. At Telehouse İstanbul, your Cloud Backed-up data goes through daily encryption. Your hosts can be backed up daily, weekly or monthly according to your preference.

7 – Hosts Used for Cloud Services

Standards of the products used at the data center of your preference, and the data center company’s reactions to technological advances are indicatives to whether you can actually acquire services at global standards. Meanwhile, host equipment brand or warranty expiration dates also play critical roles in terms of service quality in cloud services. Teknotel’s Telehouse İstanbul Data Center closely monitors innovations in the cloud solutions area, and the Center’s HP Blade Server and 3Par Storage hardware infrastructure is constantly improved based on latest available technologies. It offers professional, reliable and uninterrupted Data Center and Cloud services thanks to its experienced engineers with Microsoft SPLA and VMware DCV (Professional – Data Center Virtualization) certifications and its Cisco, VMware Enterprise Solution Provider and Veeam Cloud Provider partnerships. With its Carrier Neutral infrastructure, Telehouse Istanbul Data Center takes these highly qualified system features to a corporate level through its fiber optic and dark fiber connections.

8 – A Data Center Alive 24/7

Data centers have to make sure that air conditioning, energy management and security systems, which constitute the infrastructure of a data center, work flawlessly and in the right conditions. This necessitates constant monitoring and maintenance on these systems. For uninterrupted internet access and fast response to corporate client needs all components of the network backbone must be monitored 24/7 and in real time. Precautions might be taken against every possible problem, but “monitoring” is of crucial importance in terms of fast response to issues. This is only made possible by data centers which work and live 24/7. At Teknotel’s Telehouse İstanbul Data Center, all of our services are monitored by CISCO certified engineers who are experts in their respective fields. Potential problems are instantly responded to through technical support.


Having set out on its journey with the goal of offering the latest and most accurate technologies in this rapidly-changing world of technology, Teknotel Telekom guarantees a productive and uninterrupted service manner for your company with the right service and solution components to cater to your technological needs. Its broad service network and solutions enable one single place to meet your IT infrastructure needs with help from a team of technical experts. Through its collaboration with Telehouse, Teknotel guarantees your business continuity at all times with solutions at global standards such as Data Center, Colocation (Server Hosting) and Cloud. Moreover, Telehouse Istanbul Data Center also boasts ‘Carrier Neutral’ access opportunities which not only provide your company with an independent infrastructure but also offer top level security, energy management and climatization conditions just as all other Telehouse enterprises in the world.

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