25 Aug

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul

Due to advantages such as faster IT processes, uninterrupted data access and reduced security and operational costs, more and more companies are outsourcing data operations to professional data centers. In other words, in today’s world where data and applications play critical roles in terms of steering business procedures, companies’ needs for uninterrupted data access also increases the need for professional data centers. However, at this point it is vitally important for the operations in your corporate company to make a detailed research before choosing your external Data Center. In this article, we would like to address the criteria you need to take into account when selecting an external data center, and why Telehouse İstanbul should be your choice.

Teknotel provides professional cloud, internet and data center services for your services where you need uninterrupted and secure operation, providing the solutions best catered to your needs. In line with its tradition of offering quality and professional services to world standards, Teknotel’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center makes business processes smart while providing companies with uninterrupted business continuity through the Cloud Services that are based on strong references. Other unique benefits of Teknotel are

  • Strong Network Infrastructure

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul 300x200 Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul

Why You Should Outsource Data Center Services to Telehouse Istanbul

Internet speed and connection quality are among the most critical factors for a data center to function perfectly. Specifically important for the consistency in this area are, high-speed Internet and a powerful line capacity. Meanwhile, data centers use independent operators to free you from the necessity of depending on a single operator and assist you when you need to change your provider, while providing data backup services as well. With Carrier Neutral access Telehouse Istanbul Data Center reinforces its functions of internet service provider, carrier and application developer (ASP), providing an independent infrastructure for you.

Another thing to know about networks is security.  Protecting your data and applications against cyber attacks of any kind is crucially important in terms of the continuity of your business operations and data security. Incorporating high-security and cutting edge security measures, Telehouse İstanbul is designed from the ground up to provide top levels of security, energy management and air conditioning. High speed and uninterrupted access, your fundamental requirements for your operations, are provided at global standards and through a full scale of security measures against possible cyber threats.

  • High Uptime Rate

Uptime rate is a feature which enables your commercial applications to work as expected and without interruption. A company being live at 24/7 is the fundamental milestone on the way to reaching optimal efficiency and other commercial targets. This is because Internet users can visit your website at every part of the day, for your products and/or services. A damage to brand reputation and business income may be unavoidable in case of any access problems. Hence “Uptime Rate” is an important factor to consider when deciding for a data center service, and it may well be a reason for preference. The higher the uptime rate of a data center is, the higher quality the service your company will receive from them. Teknotel produces the right solutions for your IT infrastructure which needs to work uninterruptedly and securely, offering professional data center services, and supports the smooth operation of your company with at Tier3+ level with %99.999 uptime guaranteed.

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    Energy Capacity

Another matter to take into consideration in the decision for a data center is energy; namely energy capacity and energy continuity. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center was designed in line with the redundancy and standards of Tier 3+, which is among the highest levels of globally accepted data center standards, and at Telehouse, electricity, air conditioning and network systems are planned to work with 2N+1 active backups. Meanwhile, physical and electronic security systems at the data center, coupled with water flood and fire sensing and prevention systems ensure a continuous and uninterrupted service.

The later chapters of this trilogy of articles will focus on what you need to take account of when selecting a data center, and the details of Telehouse Istanbul’s professional services… Stay tuned!

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