18 Jun

Your Data is Safe with Telehouse Istanbul Data Center!

Digitalization and technological developments also come with the danger of data theft and loss incidents. And with these incidents that threaten the safety of infrastructures and systems increasing in number, it becomes necessary to install more comprehensive security systems. When companies lose their critical data, they also lose their competitive advantage and face with important commercial losses. Moreover, they sometimes end up terminating their business processes due to loss of customers and reputation. This shows that investing in technology and providing a fully secure environment for data should be a priority for all companies. There are many methods to keep data safe. When it comes to storing critical data, some companies still prefer old methods such as DVDs or external hard disks, however, these methods never provide full security against problems including fires, floods, physical hardware failures and voltage fluctuations. That’s why none of these methods are as safe and efficient as those data backup and storage methods that cloud technologies provide. On the other hand, cloud technology provides an isolated environment away from the local environment to keep your data safe in data center.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions offered by cloud technology aim at ensuring the full safety of your data and uninterrupted flow of your systems. These solutions, therefore, prevent your company from experiencing irreversible disasters that may arise from any failure in your infrastructure or due to any other problems, enabling your company to easily ensure its business continuity and competition superiority.

Disaster Recovery and Data Center                                                           

Disaster Recovery service keeps a copy of your overall system and duplicates data on cloud servers in order to ensure the continuous operation of your corporate applications and to prevent data loss. Disaster Recovery comes into play in potentially dangerous situations to enable the safe continuity of both servers and stored data, and avoids any possible interruptions in your business processes with immediate intervention during emergencies.

Your Data is Safe with Cloud Backup

As the name suggests, Cloud Backup service backs up your company data in advance, regardless of its size, to prevent the data from being harmed in any problematic situation. It is the process of storing your data files from servers or computers on remote servers via the Internet. Thanks to Cloud Backup, you don’t have to worry about the irreversible physical failures that may occur in computers or secondary backup sources. Because in such cases even if accompanied by a system failure, you can always recover a perfect copy of your data from the cloud. In the meantime, as the cloud will offer you the chance to access your stored data from anywhere you like, you will also gain flexibility in your business and managerial processes.

In addition to all these, since having the data center services such as Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery at a location close to your workplace will make the services better accessible, your company will easily get the immediate support it needs during an emergency. You will also have an economical solution, without an initial investment cost, for the storage and safety of your data as you won’t need to invest in any device.

Telehouse Istanbul: Tier 3+ Global Data Center

Servers hosted with assurance from Tier 3+ Data Center are under a comprehensive guarantee. Telehouse Istanbul Data Center, which not only creates an ideal physical hosting environment but also takes full measures against potential cyber threats, offers data security at world standards with Veeam – the world’s leading solution, and prevents data losses by quickly responding to problems. Located right next to a subway station in Kozyatağı, one of the most important and busiest business centers in Istanbul, Teknotel Telekom’s Telehouse Istanbul Data Center takes its safety- and quality-guaranteed services at global standards to even a higher level with its easily accessible location, offering all the advantages of being a local data center in the best way possible.

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